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Benefits for the Managing Director of a Security Service

Benefits for the Managing Director of a Security Service

Benefits for the Managing Director

Every security service has the same problem: a service is provided that the customer can not see – and usually even when the customer is no longer on site. Most notably security services appear through the monthly bill. COREDINATE changes this and makes security tangible for your customer!

Work flows without breaks

COREDINATE is not a normal system for guard control, it is an assistance system. Your employees will, from here on, be able to document whatever happens, even during the time it happens. It will enable them to enter events and recall information.

If the additional module “Flexible Forms” is in use, you can even fill out check lists online on the smartphone or tablet, directly through the portal. Any intermediates? No, not with COREDINATE. Here the employee work flows are in the foreground and, if you want, shown directly to your client. The thing with intermediates is, that the less of those you have, the less likely it is that errors will occur.

Cost saving in the backoffice

COREDINATE costs money, but it almost finances itself through an interesting effect. Many of the tasks that previously had to be performed by one of your employees, and logically had to be paid, are now taken over. In particular, work such as documenting visits and events or writing and sending reports.

The fact alone, that your employees can document events instantly during their tour can save you money, no one else has to be paid additionally to write the reports, which are sent – in a cleaner form – directly to your client with this. [Take a look at our savings calculator!]

Service becomes tangible

A security service does not provide anything that can be easily seen, there are no results to show for in the daily work, except the monthly invoice. Even though security has an unimaginable worth, the security services are often first to go – or get exchanged with a cheaper competitor.

COREDINATE binds your client to you and makes your service tangible. Give your contact an automated report of the events of your last visit or a report of the completed tasks. Make your service visible and actionable – differentiate yourself from your competition!

Transparency 2.0

One look is all it takes to get all the important information you need in that moment. Who is already logged in to the system? Who is not? What events were reported and how far along is the tour? Are there any incomplete tasks to be finished before the shift is over?

All these informations will bring you many advantages, but most importantly: You can give a more direct feedback to your team and you can take care of any issues, before your client notices after the shift is over – something like this is only possible in real time and only with COREDINATE.

Your team’s bodyguard

COREDINATE takes care of your most important asset: Your employees. Even through the base function, the checkpoint scan, you are able to know where your employees are at and what actions will follow – in real time. Make use of the GPS-location tracking, see the tour of your employee from bird view.

We even go a step further in the workplace security. Here COREDINATE checks if your employees are still working actively within the system. If that is not the case, it could potentially indicate that there has been an accident or incident, that’s why a pre-alarm happens. If there is still no reaction from the employee, the alarm spreads to your reception centre. The workplace security of COREDINATE meets the strict requirements of VDE V0825-11 and can even be subsidized by your employer’s liability insurance association.

Easy work-in

COREDINATE is so simple and intuitive, that no special training is required. As an example; to be able to scan a checkpoint – the basic feature of our online security system – you don’t even need to click anything. An employee logs in and he can scan. To start on one of your defined tours he just has to select it from the list and can start immediately.

In addition, Android is used very commonly. Theoretically even the private smartphone of an employee could be used, as soon as it was approved as a device in the portal. Because COREDINATE wants to make your daily work of your employees easier, the acceptance rate is very wide. Your team will learn to love COREDINATE!

Simple, cost effective, flexible

COREDINATE is the kind of software that keeps developing. Through the low monthly fee there are no hurdles, especially at the start of a job contract, as no one needs them then.

Besides the normal licence version, there is also a flexible variation available, which you can use to cover short job contracts, without having to be bound to longer contract terms.

Try out now for free

Besides the main functionalities COREDINATE offers so many more advantages, your daily work is made easier and the quality of your services improves. That’s why you simply have to try COREDINATE!

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