Optional access for your clients

For most customers, you are most likely to appear through your monthly invoice? Make security a tangible experience! Set up an access to the COREDINATE portal for your customers and determine yourself what should be visible there. Maybe only the checkpoint scans or also detected events? 


With COREDINATE your customer always has a tailor-made system at his disposal. By the way, COREDINATE's transparent and simple pricing model ensures that there are no inhibitions here. You are charged according to the number of apps you use, not according to the number of users.

Your advantages

Stand out from your competitors through transparency. If you give your customers an insight into your daily work at any time, you make the otherwise rather inconspicuous service of security tangible and are perceived in a completely different way. This in turn increases customer loyalty.

The use of COREDINATE has also changed the working methods of the responsible persons at the customer's site, since the flood of paper and the evaluation of protocols on certain key dates are no longer necessary and the customers now also have just-in-time access to events and photo documentation.



You have not yet used the COREDINATE guard system? Then it's time to put our test set through its pieces for 14 days free of charge and without obligation.

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