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Have you just registered a new security company? Or you are playing with the idea to start a security business?

You want to build your own existence in the security business. We congratulate you on this courageous step! We at COREDINATE would like to support you especially in this decisive phase. Many things are new, first customers and employees still have to be found and the first payments are not yet in sight – we help.

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The correct tool – right from the beginning

You are starting a new security service – shouldn't you use modern solutions? Offline patrol systems are an expensive purchase and old-fashioned in the way they work. For COREDINATE, all you need is a work cell phone (Android or iPhone), which your employee carries with him anyway. Instead of a large cost block, slim monthly amounts are payable, which can be shouldered much more easily.


Our contribution

If your business registration is six months old or less, we will assist you in the following:

  • For all your licenses activated in the first month of our cooperation, we do not charge any license fee – so you use our solution for one month completely free of charge.
  • You will receive 20 checkpoints for free.
  • You will receive 3 access cards free of charge.

With this package you can already equip the first objects and use COREDINATE one month free of charge. So don't worry about the guard control system with your first customer.

What is the process?
The process is as easy as pie!

  • Sign up for our startup business program using the form below.
  • You will then receive a test set from us – test COREDINATE extensively and without obligation.
  • If you like our solution, submit your business registration to us.
  • Done! You will immediately benefit from the above advantages!


COREDINATE is a fully integrated, professional and innovative solution for security services that optimizes your processes, helps to ensure your quality and helps you to satisfy your customers.

Whether forms, working time recording, tour planning, task management or event recording: COREDINATE Security automates all your daily tasks and optimizes monitoring.


Try out our guard patrol software COREDINATE free of charge and without any obligation.


With us you do not buy a pig in a poke. We are so convinced of our online guard control system that we grant you a 14-day test phase in which you can put our product through its paces.

Request test kit free of charge

If you are not satisfied for any reason, then you have no further liabilities after the trial period. You may also keep the test kit.




To operate in COREDINATE is very easy.
Ulrike Hack, Owner of Sicherheitsdienst Hack
Ulrike Hack, Owner
Sicherheitsdienst Hack
Since the introduction of COREDINATE, our business processes have become much more fluid.
Adnan Tanta, Owner of Tanta Security Service
Adnan Tanta, Owner
Tanta Security Service
COREDINATE represents a well controllable overview on employees, object and customers.
Black Guard Security GmbH
Levent Anlayisli, Managing Director
Black Guard Security GmbH

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