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Transparency is important to us. There are no hidden costs at COREDINATE.

Price overview

COREDINATE, the online guard system, is an innovative and easy-to-use solution and we have made our prices just as simple.

Duration of 2 years
Cancellable on a monthly basis
License fee
per month
Included functions
NFC tags control scan
The classic method: checkpoints are attached to the wall that your employees scan to document their presence.
Beacon control scan
When using beacons, the "scan" is contactless from a few meters away. It is sufficient for the security force to enter a (adjustable) radius.
GPS control scan
You can even set up these checkpoints from your desk: Drag a radius on the map and the checkpoint is considered visited when the security force enters the radius. Ideal for outdoor jobs.
Tour monitoring
Save yourself the manual evaluation of which checkpoint your team has visited and which not – COREDINATE takes care of that for you and sends notices on request if there are discrepancies.
Event Capture
Relevant events can be recorded by the security staff directly via our app and documented with evidence images. The basis for reports to your customers.
Guard book
All relevant data converge in the watch book. The highlight: COREDINATE fills the watch book automatically!
Task management
You have small tasks that you want your team to complete on site? COREDINATE monitors the completion and gives hints so that nothing gets lost.
Job protection
Also known as "dead man's alarm". COREDINATE continuously checks whether the security guard is conscious and able to respond. If you wish, also according to the strict standard VDE V0825-11.
Key Management
Who received or returned which key and when? COREDINATE knows!
Automoatic reports
Get informed about all important developments with automatic reports. Incomplete rounds? Unfinished tasks? COREDINATE informs you automatically.
GPS tracking
If this function is activated, you can locate the position of the security guard and thus send help in a targeted manner in the event of an emergency.
Time recording
If you wish, COREDINATE will record not only the working time of your team, but also the time spent with individual customers.
Don't expose your information to the privacy risks of normal messengers! With our messaging system, you inform your team quickly and, if desired, with read confirmation and comment function.
File manager (up to 100 files)
Provide your team with documents such as site plans or operating instructions directly via the COREDINATE app.
Rights and role system
Creating new users is child's play with COREDINATE. Simply create fixed roles and assign them clearly.
Flexible forms
With our flexible forms, you can recreate virtually any paper form online and have it filled out digitally via our app.
€ 10.–/ month
File manager (up to 300 files)
For those who want more: If you wish, you can provide your team with even more data with this add-on.
€ 29.–/ month
Ticket system
For simple tasks, there is our task management. If this is no longer sufficient, the ticket system is the ideal solution for transparently mapping more complex processes in the company.
Upon request
Duty roster per Person
Those who use COREDINATE do not need any additional software for duty scheduling. A powerful tool makes duty scheduling a pleasure.
€ 4.–/ month

What do you expect from a professional online guard control system?

And how high can the price be? If you run a security service, you first need well-trained employees who work accurately and attentively complete your rounds. They must have a watchful eye, immediately detect discrepancies and conscientiously document their work. Nowadays, you and your team can best achieve this with a modern guard control system, which should also have an affordable price.

Current systems such as COREDINATE are particularly convenient. Checkpoint scans, event logging, task management  you perform all this conveniently via an app on your smartphone. You can access service instructions and other important documents via a file manager. At the same time, you can keep a completely automated logbook, so that subsequent evaluations can be retrieved digitally.

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Added to this are key management, time recording, a dedicated messaging function for secure communication within your team  work all around. Dead man's switch and GPS tracking increase the security of your employees and are also included in COREDINATE. You get an all-round package that can cover all areas of your work as a security service.

The only prerequisite for this type of guard control system: you need an up-to-date, ideally NFC-enabled Android smartphone or iPhone, a small price to pay for a valuable investment. For security employees suitable and particularly robust terminals can be found in our store.
Your "command center" is the COREDINATE portal, which you can access from any PC with your access data. There you can create tours and tasks and track their progress in real time. By assigning access rights, you can even entrust your employees with the coordination of certain objects.

Laptop portal COREDINATE Patrol System

Comprehensive guard system

Included in the price of the COREDINATE sentinel control system: satisfied customers. Today we are used to information being just a mouse click or a finger swipe away. So if you are still using traditional data collectors, it is not only outdated, but also ineffective. Hardly any of your customers will understand if they have to wait until the data from your tours is analyzed.

If you're still using an original guard control system i.e. time clocks and punches  the cost can be horrendous. Because it can cost you your reputation  and ultimately (potential) customers.

COREDINATE works close to the practice  your practice  which means we understand your needs and the needs of your security staff and also customers. This makes it possible for us to offer you with our guard control system a comprehensive complete package at a manageable price, with which you can optimize your business processes and simplify your daily work enormously.


COREDINATE's most important basic functions

Even in its basic version, COREDINATE meets all the requirements of a reliable partner for your security service. From tour planning to reporting, each of your processes is mapped in our guard control system and creates the most ideal working conditions for you and your team.

  •  Control point scans and tour planning: From the COREDINATE portal, you can conveniently plan the tours of your employees. These are based on control points, which are attached to the essential points of the tour.
  • Event recording: "A picture is worth a thousand words" and that is exactly the motto behind this function. Store visual evidence of incidents during the shift, ensuring short decision-making paths and clear, complete documentation.
  • Lone worker protection: COREDINATE offers a VDE-compliant personal emergency signal system that allows you to remain capable of action at all times and support your employees in an emergency.
  • Key management: With our guard control system, you keep the price of lost keys at zero. Every registered key is immediately identifiable and you can always trace who had it last and to whom it was passed on.
  • Guard book: COREDINATE is your digital secretary that reliably and completely documents all processes during the shift.
  • Time recording: Whether total working time or area times  with our guard control system you are completely flexible in how exactly you want to record the times of your employees.

These functions are included in the basic version of COREDINATE and are sufficient for most security services to simplify their daily work enormously. For the basic version of our guard control system, the price depends on the apps you need.


Additional functions of COREDINATE

If you need additional useful functions, you can add them to our guard control system  the price depends on your individual requirements. Our sales team will be happy to provide you with more detailed information.

  • Flexible Forms: Especially in combination with COREDINATE event recording, Flexible Forms are of great advantage. You can digitize any form and thus also influence which information your employees collect for documentation.
  • Ticket system: For more extensive tasks or processes that follow a specific sequence, use the ticket system function. This also allows you to assign subtasks individually.

COREDINATE is always striving to develop more useful features for you and your company. In close cooperation with our customers we regularly select our next projects from their suggestions and proposals. Thus we stay close to your requirements and your practice as a security service.

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With COREDINATE you convince and bind your customers in different ways

Even beyond the extensive and useful functions of COREDINATE, our sentinel control system offers you a decisive added value - of course at a fair price.

  • The OWKS® online sentinel control system is modern
  • All data is transmitted in real time
  • Evaluations at a click and transfer as PDF within seconds
  • You can prove at any time how long you are in or at a property or at an event of your client
  • If desired, grant your customers access to the COREDINATE portal
  • Your customers' data is stored securely with us on German servers

These are just a few of the advantages that our guard control system offers you  and at an impressive price. COREDINATE stands for transparency and fairness, which means that there are no hidden costs for you. In comparison to this is your added value, with which you can convince existing customers of you in a completely new way and win over new customers effortlessly.


A good online guard control system has its price

And that is unbeatable with COREDINATE. Not only our guard control system is transparent, also its price: Starting at € 29.- per month and app plus a one-time setup fee of € 99.-. A comprehensive training is included. But before you decide to use COREDINATE, you can try out our software. The price for the 14 day test phase? – There is no such thing, our offer is free of charge and without obligation.

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Test our software COREDINATE free of charge and without obligation.

With us you do not buy a pig in a poke. We are so convinced of our online guard control system that we grant you a 14-day test phase in which you can put our product through its paces.

Request test kit free of charge

If you are not satisfied for any reason, then you have no obligations after the trial period. You may keep the test set. No return shipping necessary.

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