Strict data protection

COREDINATE is developed exclusively in Germany and uses servers that are located only in Germany. Thus, COREDINATE is subject to the strict German data protection regulations, which we even exceed in many respects. Among other things, COREDINATE is a member of the initiative "Cloud Services Made in Germany".

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Your advantages

With conventional sentinel control systems, it was the order of the day that one only noticed when reading out the data collectors that quite a few bookings were missing. With COREDINATE's real-time transmission, the data is "saved away" and is immediately visible. The strict adherence to data protection requirements facilitates the implementation when audited by data protection officers and the works council.

As of version 8.4.5, we provide you with the option of 2-factor authentication. Your data is thus even better protected against unauthorized access.

Customers appreciate their own encrypted access and the storage of data on a server in Germany.



You have not yet used the COREDINATE guard system? Then it's time to put our test set through its pieces for 14 days free of charge and without obligation.

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With our dashboards you can clearly display different widgets. You design these individually.

Duty roster

The duty roster function immediately transfers completed shifts to working time management. Times of manually filling out timesheets has come to an...

Visitor counter

This function allows you to count people entering a building or at an event. Not only useful at Corona times.