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COREDINATE Online Control System is an advanced assistance tool that enables effective monitoring of premises through features such as workplace security and key management. The schedule function and file manager are particularly beneficial for organizing workflows, while flexible forms and GPS technology provide real-time monitoring and precise location tracking. Additionally, there is an integrated logbook and ticket system that ensures easy incident logging and seamless communication between team members. Discover more about these and other exciting features.

Control point scan, capture, scan, NFC, beacon, GPS

Checkpoint scans

Checkpoint scanning is the most important function of an online guard control system. Forget about expensive special equipment.
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Flexible dashboard, dashboard, statistics, evaluation, overview, SAAS


With our dashboards you can clearly display different widgets. You design these individually.
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Roster, roster, rostering, work schedule, shifts, swap, roster, shift schedule, SAAS, OWKS

Duty roster

The duty roster function immediately transfers completed shifts to working time management. Times of manually filling out timesheets has come to an...
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Evaluations, reports, documentation, KPIs, figures


With COREDINATE, a single mouse click is all it takes to get a clean PDF file with control point scans, events, tours and all other important...
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Rights system, roles, rights, users, employees, access rights

Extensive rights system

With COREDINATE you can define exactly who has which rights. On the one hand within the system itself and on the other hand also within your...
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file manager, overview, files,information, organization, folder, PDFs

File manager

Upload any files to the portal, assign them to clients and areas, and even make these files available on the work phone.
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Flexible forms, forumlare, checklist, fill, overview, data

Flexible forms

With COREDINATE, you can easily and quickly replicate any existing form and make it available to your employees on their work phone or tablet.
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geofencing, gps tours, icon, tour, beacons, gps, location

GPS Tours & Geofencing

It is possible to include GPS checkpoints in the tour. This is ideal for larger areas such as construction sites, photovoltaic plants or public...
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Tracking, GPS, Overview, Place, Location

GPS tracking

In outdoor areas, it makes sense to use this function to see at a glance which employee is where. A special algorithm for tracking even saves the...
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guard book, overview, security service, OWKS, time recording

Guard book

Any employee activity, such as detected events, completed tasks, or individual checkpoint scans, are recorded in real time and organized...
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High reliability, server, stability, failures, IT system

High reliability

All servers are geo-redundantly networked and simply redistribute the computing load if a single server fails.
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Event recording, camera

Incident logging

Event recording in this way, you are virtually live from the portal. COREDINATE collects the detected events for later evaluations in the customer...
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Tasks, tasks, todos, management, organization, administration


You can create as many tasks as you like and even assign them to individual checkpoints. If checkpoints are scanned, COREDINATE points out the task...
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key management, key, management, organization, administration

Key Management

COREDINATE records each receipt and return of a key with date, time and the executing employee. You know at any time who last had which key in...
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Messages, chat, news, notification, communication


This feature allows you to write messages at any time and schedule visibility precisely.
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Transparency, data protection, OWKS, SAAS, protocols, documentation, access

Optional access for your clients

Set up an access to the COREDINATE portal for your customers and determine yourself what can be seen there.
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privacy, digital data, antivirus, online, security

Strict data protection

COREDINATE is developed exclusively in Germany and uses servers that are located only in Germany.
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Ticket system, process, ticket, maintenance, tasks, process

Ticket system

COREDINATE's ticket system is a central platform for all processes in the company that need to be clearly mapped.
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Time tracking, time, clock, tracking, working time, attendance

Time tracking

Don't just have your employees' working hours recorded, but even the times your employee was in a particular area.
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tour, surveillance, tour monitoring, tour, security company

Tour monitoring

Once you are logged in, you can start scanning checkpoints. Digitally and easily track which checkpoint is completed and which is still missing.
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visitor counter, pandemic, distance rule, people limitation, counter, clicker

Visitor counter

This function allows you to count people entering a building or at an event. Not only useful at Corona times.
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alarm, alarm, workplace security, guard, lone worker, protection, OWKS

Workplace protection

Secure your employees simply, digitally and quickly with the so-called "dead man's alarm" and thus increase safety. The alarm is even displayed on a...
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