Key Management

With the receipt of a key from the customer, a lot of responsibility is also transferred to the security service. If a key is lost, everyone knows the statement of the employees in advance: The employee of the last shift has of course put the key back properly, the employee of the following shift has not found it there and also rejects any blame. With the key management of COREDINATE this matter is quickly solved.


If desired, COREDINATE records each receipt and return of a key with date, time and the executing employee. This way, you know at any time who last had which key in custody. The handover is even more convenient and tamper-proof with our key seals. One scan is enough and COREDINATE knows which key it is. At the same time, the seal secures an entire bunch of keys. The removal of individual keys is only possible by force and immediately visible.


Your advantages

With COREDINATE's key management, every key will have a history in the future. It is possible to trace every movement for an unlimited period of time, which can be decisive in liability matters. Protect yourself, use COREDINATE!

With key management, I finally have a digital record of which employee is currently managing which key. This means I can respond more quickly - and more reliably - to customer inquiries, and I don't have to make calls to my team.



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