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What does the COREDINATE roster cost? The roster module costs € 4.– per month and user.

Optimize your workflows with COREDINATE

COREDINATE's Roster module is your solution for efficient work scheduling. It allows you not only to keep track of your employees, but also to create, edit and manage rosters with ease.


Never miss a task with our shift planning

Our roster module offers you the possibility to assign tasks and rounds directly to shifts. This ensures that all tasks are completed within one shift. This is especially useful for patrols with multiple tours. The simple assignment of tasks and rounds within the shift makes it possible to define exactly what needs to be done.


Stay up to date with our Lite app

Our free Lite app keeps you up to date at all times. Your employees receive notifications on their private smartphone at any time and immediately if something changes in the shift schedule. In addition, swapping shifts via the shift exchange is uncomplicated.


Make optimal use of your resources through flexible employee planning

Another advantage of our roster module is the possibility to book additional employees. You are not limited to your permanent employees, but can also consider external workers, freelancers or temporary workers. This allows you to flexibly deploy your workforce and avoid bottlenecks. By integrating external employees into your roster, you optimize the entire workforce planning process. You can view the profiles of available employees, check their skills, qualifications and availability, and select those who best fit the roster requirements.


Facilitate communication

The COREDINATE roster module offers extensive communication and coordination functions. You can send messages to your employees, share information and communicate changes in the roster directly via the system. This simplifies communication between you and your employees and avoids misunderstandings or information gaps.


Keep an eye on the working hours

Our roster module also enables easy recording of working hours and absences. Your employees can enter their working hours directly into the system and report absences such as vacation or illness. This simplifies the time recording process and enables accurate monitoring of working hours.


Roster creation made easy

In addition to employee management, the roster module also offers useful functions for creating rosters. You can set working times, assign shifts, schedule breaks and ensure that all employees are correctly scheduled. Thanks to COREDINATE's intuitive user interface, creating and editing rosters becomes a user-friendly and efficient process.

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