Let facts speak!

We want customers who decide in favor of COREDINATE out of conviction – we do not shy away from a comparison. Simply use the following list to check whether your existing system can keep up with COREDINATE.

This is what the COREDINATE online guard tour system delivers

Compare the benefits of COREDINATE to your system now. Do you get all these features?


  • Real-time transmission of work results, no manual readout  
  • Documentation of events with image and event type for analyses    
  • Intermediate storage of scans and events in case of network loss
  • Create your own event types
  • Display of tour progress live on cell phone and in the portal   
  • Creating tasks and monitoring their completion   
  • Integrated key management – simple and tamper-proof   
  • Optional: Flexible forms for filling out checklists    
  • Contact person of the customer with direct dial phone number  
  • Watch book with automatic recording of all activities  
  • Automatic recording of working times with export   
  • VDE-compliant lone worker protection  
  • GPS positioning – can be hidden if desired
  • Automatic sending of reports with your own company logo
  • Instant message via email when certain events are detected
  • Comprehensive rights system – everyone sees only what they need
  • Possibility to create customer account 
  • Clear and fully responsive interface   
  • Lean monthly fee regardless of the number of users
  • Neither special cell phone nor special data collector needed*.
  • Software made in Germany seal of quality  
  • Free support by phone, email or online


* Only an NFC-enabled smartphone (iPhone/ Android) is required.

How much does a guard control system cost?

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Test COREDINATE patrol management free of charge and without obligation.

Test, challenge and evaluate with a fully supported 14 day trial period of our guard patrol system. Compare the results against your key requirements and we are confident that you will see the value that COREDINATE brings. 

Order test set free of charge

There is no obligation, after the trial period, any and all data collected can be deleted by you from the system portal. You may keep the test set, no return shipping necessary and file it for the future.
Alternatively, after the trial period, simply activate the account and continue to COREDINATE.