Are you ready for the 2026 Football World Cup? So is our tool! COREDINATE is extremely efficient, highly available, and exceptionally cost-effective. Our company has shown sustained growth and offers unparalleled support.

Monitor_PC_Laptop_all_Devices_ENFlexible and easy to use – with COREDINATE, managing your security duties becomes a breeze. Our workforce management system is vailable for Android and iOS.

Seamless integration across all devices: Smartphones, Tablets, and Computers

COREDINATE offers a streamlined solution for guard patrolling, staff rostering, and scheduling. It uses smartphone technology, supporting both Android and iOS. The system provides NFC, GPS, and Bluetooth beacon checkpoint options. The web portal and app are available in multiple languages, allowing users to choose between online or on-premise solutions.

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left image: Man using COREDINATE mobile app on his phone; right image: crowd walking streets

Security Guard using COREDINATE mobile app to check open tasks. A crowd of people walking through the streets, possibly going to a festival event.


COREDINATE for Stadiums and Events

COREDINATE’s Workforce Management System is packed with features to help your security team excel. It offers:

  • Risk Assessments to identify potential hazards.
  • Planning and Scheduling Patrols for efficient coverage.
  • Assigning Tasks to allocate duties effectively.
  • Safety Inspections to keep your venue secure.
  • Incident Reporting for quick and effective communication.
  • Alerts and Reminders to keep everyone informed.
  • Worker Protection and a Panic Button for employee safety.
  • GPS Tracking to monitor movement in real-time.
  • Security Patrols During Non-Event Times to maintain safety always.
  • Patrols During Event Preparation for seamless setups.
  • Patrols on Event Days to ensure smooth operations.
  • Scalable and Easy to Use, adapting to your needs.
  • Detailed Reports to track performance.
  • Case Management to handle issues thoroughly.
  • Digital Paperwork for All Site and Event-Based Paperwork, streamlining administration.
  • Broadcast Messaging to distribute important updates.
  • Roster and Shift Planning for efficient staffing.
  • Real-Time Dashboard to stay on top of operations.
  • File Manager to keep documents organized and accessible.
All functions

Stadium in Live Operation

During a live event, COREDINATE serves as a Case Management System for controlling processes. Various tasks can be coordinated here, such as the equipping of first-aid kits or stations or repairs that need to be carried out after an event. The duty roster system helps to cope with the high demands on safety and shift management

Another very valuable module is the messaging system. It enables communication between employees and can be used for direct contact. This way, you can exchange maps with critical objects, emergency exits, or bottlenecks in case of high visitor fluctuation. You can send orders and instructions from the operations center and ensure that information about service regulations and COCs (Code of Conduct) is distributed efficiently and correctly. Flexible forms are standardized documents and are ideal for documentation in cases such as police operations, bans on premises, fire safety, checking the expiration date of fire alarms, and medical kits. 


Security guard scanning NFC tag with his smartphone

By using GPS checkpoints, you can monitor group leaders and their teams. The live dashboard serves as a control center with instant information about incident reports and visited GPS checkpoints. This means you always have an overview of which patrols are on guard and which users or group leaders are logged into the system. In addition, the local police can be granted access to the customer to enable an ongoing risk assessment. A highly functional system of responsibilities enables the lead manager to divide the responsibilities into smaller sections and enable self-administration by other companies. In addition, the group leaders who provide the operations center can use our app to report incidents.



Stadium Security: No Live Event – Property Protection

Incidents that were recorded during or after an event can now be processed. The maintenance of these tasks can be controlled and organized between events. An example of this would be the repair of stadium seats or the checking of fire extinguishers. This also allows fire safety regulations to be ensured.

Patrols can be configured using NFC tags that are used to detect intruders in various forms. This can improve burglary protection, for instance. The flexible forms are also extremely useful for documentation during breaks and can be configured and used in a highly precise and standardized way.


Security Guard looking at tasks in COREDINATE app

Urban Safety: City Patrols and Public Street Order

The use of GPS checkpoints and pre-configured patrols ensure coverage of vulnerable objects and locations. Live tracking of the current position of security staff or police officers provides additional security, while the integrated Workplace protection module can save lives in an emergency situation.

While your employees are fulfilling their duty on site, you receive evaluations and data in real time in the operations centre, such as reported incident types, including the last connected GPS checkpoint. The seamless documentation with COREDINATE also enables you to create long-term analyses of increasing risks. Incident types can be combined with impact levels. Thanks to numerous filter options, you can quickly and easily create your own personal analyses, customised for you and your company.


Platform-independent – our workforce management system is suitable for Android and iOS.

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COREDINATE can also be handy at festivals, rallies or demonstrations.

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The most important modules of our workforce management system for your stadium or major event security monitoring

People run onto the pitch during a crowd panic in the stadium

Enhance Patrol Precision with Seamless Tracking

At any major event, there is a risk of emergency situations, such as a mass panic. Even in these often confusing situations, COREDINATE can be a helpful companion. Thanks to the real-time localization of employees via GPS tracking, you can seamlessly track the whereabouts of all your emergency staff. This allows you to position people specifically at junctions from which they can carry out an evacuation quickly and effectively. Any potential blockages can also be identified, and enable an immediate response to events. This not only protects visitors to an event but also your employees themselves.

 But it doesn‘t always have to be a disaster situation. Even under regular circumstances, it is helpful to constantly have a precise overview of where the security staff are at any given time at major events in order to ensure smooth and routine processes.

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Ensuring the Right People in the Right Place at the Right Time

It’s uncommon for all employees to work exclusively for one company at major events. Employees from the location, the organizer, and other subcontractors often work together on different jobs. COREDINATE offers the duty roster function to keep track of this large group and fill all positions properly.

With a COREDINATE duty roster module, you can easily plan the required shifts for permanent and temporary event staff. Ensure that all shifts are staffed with the right number of employees with the appropriate qualifications, and assign all tasks and activities to be carried out during the shift. The working time recording and shift time recording differentiate the payments to employees and subcontractors. Notifications and messages for employee absences and shift details in the app enable shift changes and holiday requests. If required, working time can be documented automatically. The duty roster function immediately transfers shifts worked to the working time management system – manually filling in timesheets is a thing of the past!

Man working with COREDINATE App at night

Streamline Your Operations: Create Unified Workflows with Precision

Does your team repeatedly take on small tasks during an event? Some of these tasks are recurring and only require simple but structured documentation? You don‘t have to do everything by hand! COREDINATE‘s flexible forms help!

With COREDINATE, you can quickly and easily duplicate any existing form and make it available to your employees on their work phone or tablet. All location-based paperwork is completed within the COREDINATE app or portal, including task sheets, checklists, management forms, custom incident reports, as well as maintenance checks. The created forms can, in turn, be linked to a task, which COREDINATE then reminds you of if required. For example, if your employee scans the checkpoint in the visitor toilets after a concert, the "Check stalls" task opens with the corresponding checklist to complete.

Mandatory or optional fields ensure the legibility and completeness of the documents, with immediate access to the content of the portal. The completed forms can also be sent immediately to all predefined recipients. And as COREDINATE is always responsive, even large forms look good on a small mobile phone!

Security guard on bridge checking traffic

Unlock Seamless Documentation: Secure, Mobile, and Always Up-to-Date

It is not uncommon for sensitive information, such as site plans, property maps, or access details, to be carried around by employees in printed form. If they fall into the wrong hands, such plans can become a significant security risk. Site plans can be used by unauthorized individuals to gain illegal access to properties or events. Information about deployed staff, their quantity, and equipment can also be obtained by unauthorized third parties.

COREDINATE offers a clever solution to these problems: the file manager! The file manager is a tool with which any files can be uploaded to the portal and also made available on the smartphones of your security guards. Your employees no longer carry all customer-relevant documents openly in front of them but on their workmobiles in their pockets. You can also keep these documents and files up-to-date from the comfort of your office. A smartphone is discreet and makes it possible to carry many documents at the same time. Especially for security staff, who are also carrying security equipment, this is a considerable advantage during their work.

In addition, sensitive, sometimes irretrievable information is protected from the view of unauthorized third parties in a highly secure cloud storage system, which also makes it much easier to restore the data.

Man sitting on front of three TV screens

Centralized Task Management and Customizable Processes

Do you have processes that should follow a fixed pattern, such as the induction of a new employee? Especially in the event industry, with constantly changing employees and service providers, it is important to carefully familiarize all workers with the prevailing conditions on site. With COREDINATE, you simply define the corresponding process, which works like a template for your employees.

The Tasks function acts as a compact to-do list, which you can link to specific checkpoints as required in order to actively alert your employees to tasks that are due. COREDINATE has developed the Ticket system for more complex issues that are subject to special processes. Here, extensive tasks are collected centrally but are only visible to employees with the appropriate authorization. This allows you to delegate tasks spontaneously without having to instruct the relevant employee. All work processes are stored in the system, ensuring that all employees carry out their work in the same way. And this, in turn, leads to the smooth running and success of your event.

Security guard arrests hooligan

Enhance Documentation: Immediate, Precise, and Thorough

A picture is worth a thousand words, and in a stressful situation, it also saves valuable time! Many events are planned down to the smallest detail. Everyone involved is subject to a strict schedule, and adherence to this schedule is crucial to the success of an event. In this carefully planned structure, it is often not possible for individual employees to write long reports on-site. Communication during events needs to be quick, effective, and detailed.

What is the solution to this problem? The COREDINATE Incident Logging module – and creating incident reports have never been easier! Add customized incident reports to guide employees and capture the relevant information for that incident type. Once a security guard has created the incident report in the app, all it takes in the future is a quick glance at the portal or the receipt of a notification, and you know what happened when, and where. If a photo has also been taken, this also serves as proof of the incident that occurred.

Huge crowd at a stadium concert

Transform Your Task Management: Never Miss a Single Duty Again

Numerous tasks need to be taken into account, especially at large events. These sometimes seem unimportant, but on the whole, they are often important factors in the organization. For example, if an area is not checked regularly, it can become a risk factor. People who have gained unauthorized access to an area would remain undetected. A burning cable could lead to a major fire. Here, the omission of a seemingly insignificant check could have devastating consequences.

But with COREDINATE you can assign location- or checkpoint-specific tasks, whether for open times or fixed times. This way, no task remains incomplete. The completion of a task will be immediately documented within the app as well as in the COREDINATE portal. From simple lock checks to more complex task sheets and checklists, COREDINATE offers optimum solutions for every situation. The intuitive and user-friendly interface ensures that all your employees can easily use the system.

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Your Data, Always Secure: Upholding the Highest Standards of German Law

COREDINATE, developed exclusively in Germany, adheres to stringent German data protection laws, ensuring top-level security and reliability for station management. Our system, a member of the Cloud Services Made in Germany initiative, exceeds standard data protection regulations, offering encrypted data storage on German servers and real-time data transmission. This allows for instant visibility and reduces data loss risks.

Moreover, COREDINATE offers 2-factor authentication, significantly enhancing security against unauthorized access. Our commitment to rigorous data protection facilitates compliance, making the system ideal for station owners in the USA, who face regular audits and require reliable, secure operational tools.

Choose COREDINATE for a secure, efficient management system that protects your operations and aligns with high regulatory standards.

Discover more of COREDINATE's modules.

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