GPS tracking

COREDINATE GPS gives you additional control in the way you set out guard patrols, apply tasks to specific areas and checkpoints. Ring-fencing ensures that employees are in the right place at the right time doing the right thing. Ringfence a GPS point to capture worktimes and time on site.

You COREDINATE patrol planning allows to create guard tours using the combination of GPS points, NFC tags and Bluetooth beacons. A very flexible solution.

Creating and adding GPS points has never been easier, the wholly intuitive Coredinate portal guides you easily to apply GPS points by placing a pin in the exact area, determine the desired radius where the officer must be present. Creating GPS points in unmapped areas such as construction sites, photovoltaic plants, public places, or deserts, simply use the COREDINATE APP from site to create the desired GPS point.

Alternatively, simply insert the latitude and longitude references, and the point is created.

There is no limitations to the amount of GPS points on a guard patrol, visit multiple client sites on the one patrol and from there automated scheduled reporting will dispatch individual reports.


Your advantages

Now you can create static guard tours or mobile patrols and add all components of your SLA with your client within 10 minutes.

The user experience is equally friendly as guards they are guided within the APP to follow a purple pin in the map.

Absolute proof of presence, proof of service and increased accountability across your wider enterprise.


COREDINATE has proven to be the solution for our estate guard team. It has everything on board to facilitate our GPS tour, incident reporting and follow-up. A win-win for both us as our clients.

It was intuitive and easy to use with the little purple pin moving you seamlessly between points. 

Robert F - Operations Manager

The employees find the system pleasant to use and the possibility of real-time monitoring may have made it easier for one or two customers to decide to hire us as their security service.




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