Tour monitoring

Schedule and complete tours easier than ever before. Once your employee is logged into the app, they can scan checkpoints. Not a single additional "click" is required in the app. But you can also go one step further: Create as many tours as you like, include the checkpoints that need to be visited in the tour, and even set a fixed order if you wish.


You can follow the progress of the tour live on the portal – at the same time, your employee on site can do the same via our app. In this way, everyone involved can see in real time which checkpoints have already been completed and which are still missing.

Also integrate beacons or GPS points into your tours. This is useful if you want to more easily document your presence in large-scale areas. Learn more about our beacons or how to use the features of GPS and geofencing for your control tours.

Your advantages

Your employee knows at all times which checkpoint is to be approached on the tour and which is still missing. This means that they can react in good time and not, as was previously the case, only at the end of the shift when the scanner is read out.

Through COREDINATE it was possible to show the employees their control steps / tasks on the smartphone always up to date. The patrols can be tracked in real time.



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