Duty roster

Do you manage a security service or are you responsible for the security of a company? And you have to manually piece together your duty roster with Excel? Then we have something for you: COREDINATE provides a simple solution to make your duty scheduling a breeze.

At every workplace, but especially in the service sector and thus in the security industry, duty scheduling is an important part of everyday work. Workers have to be distributed fairly, taking into account holidays, sick leave, the required qualifications, and all that with the minimum of effort. 

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With the duty roster COREDINATE rounds off the range of functions. Those who previously had to resort to separate software for this can now save themselves the "platform hopping". This reduces costs and time and ensures greater clarity.

Your advantages

If required, the working time can be documented automatically. The new duty roster function immediately transfers completed shifts to the working time administration - the time of manually filling out time sheets has come to an end.

User maintenance only has to be operated in one system instead of two - a guard control system and a duty roster tool. For the employees, there is now only one central work platform with the usual user-friendly interface.

Did you know: You can use the COREDINATE duty roster module with any guard control systems? This means you are not bound to our OWKS. No matter which system you work with, we make reliable usability possible for you.



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