Extensive rights system

With COREDINATE you can define exactly who has which rights. On one hand within the system portal, on the other hand in the APP, additionally offer your clients a permissioned client view. When you want to asign rights? So an employee only sees what he is permissioned to see and carry out patrols within the APP, or set higher rights for portal users, managers and administrators – No problem with COREDINATE!


Just as quickly as rights are assigned, individual users can also be removed from the system. One mouse click is enough and not even a login is possible anymore. Since COREDINATE does not permanently store any data on the cell phone, the highest level of data protection is thus also ensured.

Your advantages

No matter how extensive the functions of COREDINATE are, you always keep the reins in your hand. With just a few mouse clicks, you can activate additional functions for your employees or hide superfluous ones. In this way, each employee sees only what he or she needs directly for his or her work. A lean system that can be expanded as needed.

I can blindly trust two employees who have been working for our company for years. They have access to the portal and can make changes in their areas independently at their discretion. I only grant the new ones access to the app until they have proven themselves.



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