Time tracking

Everyone knows them, no one in payroll likes them: timesheets. Often filled in incorrectly, not infrequently written in horrible handwriting and almost regularly submitted too late. How good that COREDINATE can also take over this function for you in the future. Have not only the working time of your employees recorded, but even the times when your employee was in a certain area. Wouldn't it be good for the optimization of the patrol or for the estimation of the control effort at the customer to know how long your team was actually on site?

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You can decide how the recording of working and area times is done. Either your team can record these times manually via the app or COREDINATE automatically records them as soon as a checkpoint of your choice has been scanned. It could hardly be more convenient!

Your advantages

Handwritten timesheets submitted too late will be a thing of the past in the future. COREDINATE not only keeps these records automatically if desired, but even offers export functions. Have your team's working times exported as a CSV file and make your own calculations with Excel, for example.

The real-time transmission of the NFC stubs as well as the duty time recording via NFC employee cards facilitate our quality processes enormously.



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