Ticket system

COREDINATE's ticket system is a central platform for all processes in the company that need to be clearly mapped. Create a so-called "task" to which you can attach events and assign tasks to this task. If desired, you can upload files to the task and allow comments to each task.


Do you have processes that are to be executed according to a fixed pattern, for example the briefing of a new employee? Then simply define the corresponding "process", which works like a template for your employees and can be started by them.

Your advantages

Our well-known "Tasks" feature is like a compact to-do list that you can link to specific checkpoints as needed to actively alert your employees to tasks that are due.

Would you like a little more? For more complex topics, which are subject to special processes, COREDINATE has developed the ticket system; centrally collected, but only visible for employees with the appropriate authorization. This allows you to delegate more extensive tasks spontaneously without having to instruct the respective employee. After all, the system tells you how it's done!

The ticket system is a separate function. Please contact us for more information. Prices on request.

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With our dashboards you can clearly display different widgets. You design these individually.

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