If you were used to picking up your data collectors at the object and reading them out before you could access even a single line of data, we have good news for you: with COREDINATE, a single mouse click is all it takes to get a clean PDF file with checkpoint scans, events, tours and all other important informations.

Evaluations, reports, documentation, KPIs, figures

Using numerous filters, you can narrow down the data so that only relevant periods, customers or employees appear on the evaluation. It couldn't be more convenient and faster – without any prior readout!

Your advantages

The time-consuming procurement of your data has come to an end. When a customer calls, you have everything at your fingertips in just a few seconds. If you wish, automatic dispatch can even provide your customers with all the important reports themselves. A time saving that pays off!

In our case, it looked like we had to spend about 4 hours per day on reporting events, recording hours, recording area time, and recording employees. This was very time-consuming and costly. Costs that we could not pass on to the customer. COREDINATE now takes over these tasks and does it fast and immediately visible for our customers.



You have not yet used the COREDINATE guard system? Then it's time to put our test set through its pieces for 14 days free of charge and without obligation.

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With our dashboards you can clearly display different widgets. You design these individually.

Duty roster

The duty roster function immediately transfers completed shifts to working time management. Times of manually filling out timesheets has come to an...

Visitor counter

This function allows you to count people entering a building or at an event. Not only useful at Corona times.