File manager

Hardly any employee in the field can do without service instructions, alarm plans or other documents. It was not uncommon for confidential information to be lying around in the vehicle or to have to be laboriously dragged along by the employee. We don't even want to talk about the visual impression of a tattered folder at this point.


Now there is the file manager from COREDINATE. Upload any files to the portal, assign them to clients and areas, and even make them available on the duty cell phone.

  • Simple operation via drag and drop
  • Apart from EXE and MSI, all file formats are supported (e.g. PDF, DOC or even videos)
  • Assign the files to your entire company or to individual customers and divisions
  • Decide whether your team will also have access via smartphone
  • Make the files available even offline if you wish

100 files up to a volume of 15 MB per file are included by default Basic. If you need a higher data volume, expand it up to 300 files for only € 29.– per month Professional. For a data volume of 301 files or more Enterprise, we will be happy to make you an individual offer.


€ 0.–

per month

up to 100 files

Support of almost all file formats (except .msi, .exe)

Secure storage

Mobile access

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Phone support

Monthly cancellation

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€ 29.–

per month

up to 300 files

Support of almost all file formats (except .msi, .exe)

Secure storage

Mobile access

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Phone support

Monthly cancellation



price on request

from 301 files

Support of almost all file formats (except .msi, .exe)

Secure storage

Mobile access

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Phone support

Monthly cancellation

Your advantages

Your employees no longer carry all customer-relevant documents in a folder under their arm, but on their work cell phone in their pocket. You can also keep these documents and files up to date from the comfort of your office.

Losing or forgetting a smartphone is generally less common than losing a folder. In addition, in the event of loss, the sensitive, sometimes irretrievable information is protected from unauthorized third parties in a highly secure cloud storage system, which also makes it child's play to restore the data.

My employees have been working much more efficiently since they went virtually paperless. They always have all the important instructions with them on their smartphones – and only the ones they really need.

Documents in security

From now on COREDINATE offers its file manager. A tool to upload any files to the portal and make them available on the service phones as well. Reason enough to take up this topic for a general discussion.

The troublesome folder

Drones are already delivering the first packages and are being considered as an everyday means of transportation. Alexa takes care of the shopping list and the car parks itself. By contrast, things are less modern in many areas of security. Here, a relic from the distant past is still considered indispensable: The file folder.
Hardly any patrol, hardly any gate can do without an enormous collection of documents. Whether it's a duty order, a telephone list or an alarm plan - everything ends up in the folder. If it is used daily and updated by hand, it will look correspondingly worn. This includes one or two full braking maneuvers in the patrol car.


A goldmine for the "finder"

One thing to keep in mind about the file folders used in the security industry is that they offer enormous knowledge in a very condensed form - even to unauthorized persons.
In theory, the folders are to be kept under lock and key and the employee carries the folder on his person at all times. In practice, it is more likely that the folder is freely accessible in the patrol vehicle while the employee makes his rounds - or on the shelf of the gate during the smoking break.

The fact is that anyone who gets their hands on these documents has, as it were, an instruction manual for the next burglary.

Not infrequently, building plans, operating times and operating instructions for the alarm system explain the most convenient way into the guarded object. And let's be honest: Aren't codes and PINs also often enough noted down directly?
The conversation with the customer, if such a folder disappears, one wishes probably nobody. If such a confession takes place at all.

A digital alternative

There is no question that no security employee in the world can have all the instructions in his head. In this respect, such documents are absolutely justified - a good and clear service instruction is the cornerstone of a clean service. The only question is whether, in view of the above-mentioned disadvantages, there is no alternative to a tattered file folder.
With the file manager of COREDINATE we believe to have found an interesting alternative. In principle, it is a highly secured cloud storage, but it offers some additional advantages. For example, the uploaded files can be assigned to specific customers and areas and thus be found far more quickly than with general storage services.
In addition, together with the other functions of COREDINATE, everything is in one unified place. Especially in stressful situations, switching between different applications or even browsing through a folder is tedious and error-prone. The file manager always delivers the right documents for the respective object.

Further advantages in the summary:
  • Except .exe and .msi all file types can be uploaded (e.g. PDFs or even short videos)

  • Easy upload via drag and drop

  • You decide whether the files should also be visible on the work cell phone or only in the portal

  • Files can be made visible to your entire team or only to employees of specific objects

  • If you wish, you can even make the files offline-capable - then you don't even need a data connection to open them

  • Transmission is encrypted as usual, storage is on highly fail-safe servers in Germany, which are also subject to strict German data protection laws

Perfect for all documents that need to be accessed quickly and securely while on duty. The file manager is now available for all COREDINATE customers. Details as well as instructions on how to use it are available at COREDINATE Help Center.



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