Who needs such a function in the age of WhatsApp? – Anyone who doesn't want to mix business and private matters so as not to inadvertently provide third parties with sensitive information. Anyone who acts in accordance with current data protection laws and knows that COREDINATE also takes this issue very seriously.

Messages, chat, news, notification, communication

This feature of our app allows you to write messages at any time and schedule the visibility exactly. Besides the publication period, you also define the groups of people who can read messages or write them themselves. Sending attachments, a variable comment function and read receipts are of course also included in the feature. Control the rights to the messages easily in the COREDINATE portal.



Your advantages

If a call is not possible or if several people need to be informed about a certain topic, simply send a message. COREDINATE reliably reaches the team members selected by you at the specified time.

I used to call my employees when I spontaneously thought of something else. By the time they arrived at the object, they had often already forgotten what I had asked them to do. The messages I send via COREDINATE appear exactly when I think it makes the most sense – including read confirmation, of course.



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