Flexible forms

Your team takes on small tasks again and again during the tour? Then put aside the clipboard along with your paper forms now. With COREDINATE, you can easily and quickly replicate any existing form and make it available to your employees on their work phone or tablet.

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The created forms can in turn be linked to a task, which COREDINATE will then remind you of if desired. Example: Your employee scans the checkpoint in the boiler room and the task "Read water meter" opens along with the associated checklist for completion. Since COREDINATE is always responsive, even large forms still look good on a small cell phone!




Your advantages

Paper forms and checklists are now superfluous – all you need is the COREDINATE app on your work cell phone. By creating mandatory fields, only partially completed checklists are also a thing of the past. Of course, you can see all entered data as usual in our portal – in real time!

Simply convenient that we can now provide checklists that automatically appear on the smartphone. With predefined mandatory fields, nothing is overlooked anymore. We now work even more carefully than before.



You have not yet used the COREDINATE guard system? Then it's time to put our test set through its pieces for 14 days free of charge and without obligation.

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