How COREDINATE makes work easier in many areas.

Event recording, evaluations and access for customers

    Your Security Services Working in the security industry for 10 years Management Oliver Busch Features Event logging Evaluation Customer access 

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Tasks, Mobile, Mobile phone, Smartphone, Key management

Use of tasks and key management

    Security BÄR Owner Anton Bär 25 employees excellent reputation in the field of event protection Features Tasks Key Management

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online guard tour patrol system, Maintenance, documentation, checklists, forms, file manager, flexible, smartphone

Use of Flexible Forms and File Manager

    Security company SecTecTeam Owner Jochen Breuer 48 employees Talks with new major customer Features File manager Flexible forms

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Industry, maintenance, documentation, object protection, SAAS, Mobile,assistance system

Messages, key management, checkpoint scan

  Industrial maintenance Köhler GmbH working for various clients in the region known for excellent service Managing director Jochen Köhler 25...

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