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Industrial maintenance Köhler GmbH

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The initial situation

Due to the competences in different areas, Industrial maintenance Köhler is commissioned regionally. Customers are mostly satisfied, but are increasingly asking for maintenance appointments on weekends. What used to be an exception, Jochen Köhler now wants to offer as a fixed service. To implement the round-the-clock service, he is initially creating five new full-time jobs and staffing them with well-trained specialists.

He sees one potential difficulty in the frequently changing responsibilities for customer assignments. To be able to offer the required flexibility, his team not only needs to be trained accordingly. He needs a modern solution to ensure smooth operations and consistent quality despite changing employees. Therefore and based on a recommendation, followed by a two-week test phase, Jochen Köhler decides in favor of the assistance system COREDINATE. Now, Mr. Köhler has to make appointments at the customer's site in order to provide the systems with previously taught-in control points or to teach them in on site.

Everyday work with COREDINATE

Heiko Schmidt's first maintenance appointment at the company Schönhof und Söhne is coming up. It is also the first assignment with the new software. When he arrives at the office, he logs on to the COREDINATE app on his new work cell phone.


Messages, chat, news, notification, communication


A message awaits him on the display: "Heiko, use side gate instead of main entrance on weekends. Directions attached. Greetings Jochen." His supervisor, Jochen Köhler, wrote this message for Mr. Schmidt shortly before closing time the night before to remind him of the special features of the weekend shifts.

COREDINATE messages provide the team with a secure method for passing on last-minute changes or other information. With a messenger service such as WhatsApp, there would always be a certain data protection risk. In addition, Jochen Köhler and his employees attach great importance to ensuring that the end of the working day also remains the end of the working day and that nothing business-related interferes. If the notices and messages only appear on the company cell phone, this is guaranteed.


Key Management

Mr. Schmidt looks at the directions from the message and takes the customer keys from the safe. As he was shown during the brief instruction, he documents the receipt using the Key Management function on his smartphone. 

When setting up the tour at the customer Schönhof und Söhne, the access key and all other keys that Mr. Schmidt or his colleagues need during the operation there were secured with the COREDINATE key seal. This not only makes it almost impossible to take the key ring apart and thus increase the risk of losing individual keys. Thanks to the NFC marking of the seal, the key ring can also be identified beyond doubt.

Scanning the bunch of keys works just as easily as scanning checkpoints attached to various stations on the tour. Mr. Schmidt can therefore easily and cleanly document the receipt of the bunch of keys. At the end of his shift, he then stores the key back in the safe and can confirm this via the COREDINATE app by scanning the bunch of keys again.


Checkpoint scans

Half an hour after receiving the bunch of keys, Mr. Schmidt scans the checkpoint at the first plant of his tour via smartphone (iOS or Android). This confirms his presence. The COREDINATE app documents both his total working time from the first scan at the gate of Industriewartung Köhler and the times he spends in individual areas of his tour at Schönhof und Söhne. In this way, Jochen Köhler, as well as the customers, can always track which employee was where and when, or how much time the individual areas take up. This also makes Jochen Köhler's work much easier when it comes to planning tours.

In addition to time recording, the checkpoint also offers other functions: Heiko Schmidt finds all the important documents, e.g. the entire maintenance schedule for the plant he is now supposed to service. "It really works," he thinks to himself. "Then I can leave the folder with all the paperwork at the company in the near future after all." The same goes for the tasks to be completed. If there are several systems to be maintained in individual control point areas or if smaller secondary tasks, such as checking smoke detectors or fire extinguishers, fall into this area, then the COREDINATE app shows this after the control point scan. This way, Heiko Schmidt has a clear checklist to guide him. Jochen Köhler, in turn, has a neatly documented task list in this way that he can present to his customers as needed.


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