Use of tasks and key management

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Security BÄR

  • Owner Anton Bär
  • 25 employees
  • excellent reputation in the field of event protection


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  • Key Management

The small maintenance company of Gebrüder Köhne with 35 employees specializes in the maintenance of electrical systems, securants and single attachment points. Due to the constantly growing number of employees and the constant success of the company, there are considerable challenges for the documentation of maintenance tasks. The Gebrüder Köhne are looking for a solution that is easy to use for all employees and at the same time secures the valuable data of the customers in accordance with data protection regulations.

The initial situation

The company Security BÄR has been successful on the market for more than 15 years and has made a name for itself especially in the field of event protection. Although there is a lot of routine work, there are additional tasks or special services depending on the client. Verbal instructions or the drawing up or final checking off of checklists are no longer an option with the company size of 25 employees and the good order situation. Moreover, even new employees have to be entrusted with customer keys. How can Anton Bär be sure that they will be handled carefully?

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Everyday work with COREDINATE

In search of a practical and reliable solution, business owner Anton Bär opted for COREDINATE six months ago. The modern assistance system not only shows him which of his employees are currently on duty. He can also be sure that every single order will be completed. Even when customers still spontaneously express wishes. A well-known candidate is the event manager of the city marketing department, who almost regularly thinks of something important.

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COREDINATE eliminates the additional organizational stress. Via the COREDINATE portal, Managing Director Bär can still assign tasks when the team is already on the road or on site. When scanning the checkpoint at the main entrance area of the hall, a message appears on the smartphone of security employee Bernd Schmidt: "Lock the outer gate to the premises after the end of the event. Due by 11:30 p.m."

In the COREDINATE portal, tasks can be created which can always be completed, i.e. which are also always visible in the COREDINATE app, or appointment tasks which are only visible and available at certain times or within certain time periods. In this way, Anton Bär keeps the upper hand at all times, but can still design each tour very flexibly. 

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For tasks in the immediate vicinity of checkpoints, he can combine them. This means that he could have given Bernd Schmidt the task of locking the outer gate at the end of the event at the corresponding checkpoint at the end of the tour and also given him a time window until 11:30 p.m. to complete this task. He has to confirm in the COREDINATE app that the task has reached Bernd Schmidt, because the app requires feedback from the user.


Key Management

The key for the task of locking the outer gate was taken out of the safe by Bernd Schmidt when he started work in the office of Security BÄR and thanks to the key management function, his boss Anton Bär is precisely informed about it. For this purpose, the key ring was provided with the COREDINATE key seal. This not only secures the key ring and makes it almost impossible to remove a single key from it. In addition, the NFC tag attached to it enables the key ring to be identified and assigned without any doubt.

So one scan is all it takes and Anton Bär knows that Bernd Schmidt picked up the key in the morning. At the end of the day, he can see exactly if and when Bernd Schmidt put the bunch of keys back in the safe.


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