Use of Flexible Forms and File Manager

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Security company SecTecTeam

  • Owner Jochen Breuer
  • 48 employees
  • Talks with new major customer


  • File manager
  • Flexible forms

The initial situation

The SecTec team, led by Jochen Breuer, held initial talks with well-known industrial companies a month ago. Knowing how important a well-groomed and respectable appearance of his company in front of potential major customers will be, he has decided, among other things, to do away with all paperwork. Jochen Breuer employs 48 permanent staff, some of whom will not be easily persuaded to dispense with the usual paper checklists or worn-out binders of service instructions.

Maintenance, Documentation, online guard tour patrol system, Checklists, Forms, File manager, Flexible

Everyday work with COREDINATE

The decision was made quickly  on a contemporary and clear system without superfluous "bells and whistles". Setting up COREDINATE is surprisingly easy and using the app is no challenge even for the older employees. The general manager of a security guard friend who recommended COREDINATE is right: "Anyone who knows how to use a smartphone can also use COREDINATE easily."

In addition to the logical menu navigation and the appealing design of the online guard control system OWKS®, Jochen Breuer is enthusiastic about the wide range of functions. Even beyond his original requirements to end the paper war in his company and get rid of the heavy and outdated paper folders, he sees real potential with COREDINATE to drive his company forward digitally. The implementation of his original challenges is child's play.

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File manager

As a user of modern technologies for the classic work of property protection, Jochen Breuer can immediately win over the first industrial company at the follow-up meeting with potential customers. Negotiations are a snap with an innovative assistance system like COREDINATE, and Mr. Breuer can meet all the company's requirements for a modern and progressive service provider without much effort.

He makes the company's digital service instructions available to his responsible employees with the COREDINATE file manager. This way, they can access the documents on site whenever needed and do not have to fight their way through mountains of paper. All SecTec employees need now is a smartphone.

Upon entering the property to be guarded, Herbert Knaus is nevertheless still skeptical about how he will be able to do his job sensibly without a clipboard in the future. The COREDINATE app on his new duty cell phone starts quite simply as soon as he holds his new duty badge behind the smartphone (iOS or Android). When he scans the first checkpoint, the PDF with the new duty instructions opens directly on the display. He reads the relevant part, goes to checkpoint two, and there, completely automatically, receives the checklist with the tasks to be performed, which his boss created when planning the tour using the Flexible Forms function.

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Flexible forms

Clicking on and filling out the checklist works without any problems, because Mr. Knaus does not even have to type, but can choose voice input. The easy handling and the intuitive handling of COREDINATE now also convince him of the qualities of the software. He thinks that with COREDINATE his boss Breuer has really found something practical.

When filling out the form, the app guides him purposefully through the form and reliably points out which fields he absolutely has to fill out. Jochen Breuer marked these as mandatory fields when he created the form, so that the important information must always be provided by his employees. In this way, he minimizes the risk of having to invest additional time afterwards to obtain this information.


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