How COREDINATE makes work easier in many areas.

File Manager

Security Aces, OWKS, security companies, maintenance, processes, construction sites, digitalization

Tour planning, checkpoints and GPS

    Security Aces Helena Gröber wants more support in digital form for her employees Customer Hartung Bau with extensive premises makes...

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security company, surveillance, property protection, Coredinate, SAAS, documentation

Appointment function, file manager, maintenance documentation

    Fire protection service Müller GmbH Owner Sven Müller reliable partner for companies in the area Features Appointments File manager ...

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online guard tour patrol system, Maintenance, documentation, checklists, forms, file manager, flexible, smartphone

Use of Flexible Forms and File Manager

    Security company SecTecTeam Owner Jochen Breuer 48 employees Talks with new major customer Features File manager Flexible forms

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