How COREDINATE makes work easier in many areas.

Guard book

Gym, fitness, maintenance, documentation, safety


Fitness studio "The JO! effect Owner Johann Böhme runs two fitness studios 7 employees Features Tasks Documentation of equipment maintenance Event...

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fire protection, fire extinguishers, maintenance, documentation, forms, OWKS

COREDINATE for fire protection

Fischers Brandschutz Owner Klaus Fischer chooses COREDINATE as modern assistance system Features Dates Checklists Documentation

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Security, Guard, Security guard, Object protection, Flashlight, Night, safety

Guard book and dead man's alarm

Security service Hartmann Mainly active in the Ruhr area responsible for the object protection of important clients Features Guard book Dead man's...

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Appointment function, file manager, maintenance documentation

Fire protection service Müller GmbH Owner Sven Müller reliable partner for companies in the area Features Appointments File manager Documentation

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