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Fire protection service Müller GmbH

  • Owner Sven Müller
  • reliable partner for companies in the area


  • Appointments
  • File manager
  • Documentation

The initial situation

Brandschutzservice Müller GmbH has been a reliable partner for many companies located in the area for years. This is an important figurehead for managing director Sven Müller and his team, but he does not let this slow him down and has long been striving to optimize the company's processes.

After dropping his clipboard with a completed checklist into a puddle in heavy rain, he loses patience. It is unacceptable that the documents required for documentation only exist in paper form after direct inspection and are now illegible due to his scatterbrainedness. Back in the office, he enters the search term "documentation without clipboard maintenance" on Google and finds what he is looking for at first glance: He can even test COREDINATE's mobile maintenance documentation for two weeks before finally deciding in favor of the system.

Everyday work with COREDINATE

Six weeks later, Sven Müller asks his technician Tobias Zimmer to make the appointment at Reichelt. It is the first real maintenance round with the new system the first without clipboard and folder and the first that Tobias Zimmer is to carry out at this customer. The effort to provide the access doors of the 3 floors as well as the individual fire extinguishers in the office wing with taught-in control points was manageable. Thanks to the helpful support from COREDINATE, even the input of the object-specific data, the assignment of the documents and the scheduling of the due dates from the COREDINATE portal went easily.

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Tobias Zimmer opens the COREDINATE app (iOS or Android) on his work cell phone and scans the first checkpoint on the first floor. At a glance, he sees the maintenance due dates and the floor plan. Only the devices in the small storage room and in front of the WCs need to be checked. With the scan at the corresponding fire extinguisher, the checklists and the maintenance manual for the type of equipment become visible.

In advance of the tour, Sven Müller has created and assigned the corresponding tasks and documents for his employee via various appointment lists for each checkpoint. For the appointments that do not have to be carried out daily by default, but only once a month, for example, he was able to set this quite easily in the COREDINATE portal. This makes it much easier for him to plan the individual rounds, because he can see exactly which round will take how much time.Dateimanager_Icon

File manager

The maintenance manual for the individual devices to be inspected on the tour was available as a PDF file from the very beginning, but until now it still had to be printed out and made available in paper form. Since COREDINATE was set up, this is now a thing of the past: Tobias Zimmer can finally take advantage of the digital form and, for example, search for the relevant keywords using the PDF reader's search function. He no longer has to laboriously flip through each individual page to get to the information he needs.

Even if there is no connection in the labyrinthine areas of the customer's company, that is no reason for Tobias Zimmer to dig out the old paper folder again. All data stored in the file manager can be made available offline with just one click. This means they are stored on the smartphone and are therefore always available, regardless of the data connection.

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Digital guard book

From the COREDINATE portal, Sven Müller can follow the progress of his employees almost live. Therefore, directly after completing the first task, he sees that the test report incl. defects has been properly created by Tobias Zimmer. The maintenance work at the Reichelt company is now not only documented and saved, but can also be sent to the customer immediately clean without water stains.

Although the Digital Watch Book function originates from the security industry, it is also ideally suited for the maintenance and repair sector. With this function, all completed tasks, scanned checkpoints, working hours and much more are recorded and transferred in real time from the COREDINATE App to the COREDINATE Portal. This data can be retrieved from the portal at any time and summarized into reports for customers or internal documentation. This saves time, because everything is immediately available in pure form and chronological order.


Mobile maintenance documentation

List of services

1. Application for NFC-enabled smartphones / Android

with at least the following requirements:

  • Maintenance tours
  • Checkpoint recording via NFC
  • Mobile task management
  • Key management
  • Real-time communication
  • GPS tracking
  • Flexible forms/checklists
  • Incident recording on the object (text, image)
  • Navigation
  • Lone worker alarm / lone worker protection (fulfils VDE standard: DIN V VDE V 0825-11)
  • Unlimited number of users, customers and objects
  • Functionality guaranteed in the event of network failure
  • Data exchange secured at least by SSL encryption
  • Server locations exclusively in Germany (data storage & data protection are subject to strict German legislation)
  • Operating languages: German, English
  • Free support

2. Evaluation software (web portal)

with at least the following requirements:

  • Web-based (without software installation)
  • Form designer
  • Working time tracking
  • Accounting module (incl. payroll and accounts receivable/payable accounting)
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Task management for individual control points and objects
  • Tour planning and tracking
  • Service instructions (tasks, instructions, information)
  • Customised reports (object, service, exception, personnel)
  • Direct access for customers
  • Unlimited number of users, customers and objects
  • Multi-client capability with individual rights management
  • Data exchange secured at least by SSL encryption
  • Server locations exclusively in Germany (data storage & data protection are subject to strict German legislation)
  • Highly available servers
  • Operating languages: German, English

3. Checkpoints

  • Enables presence to be documented and important information to be called up

4. Access cards

  • Login by scanning the access card
  • Can be used as a service badge and with standard access card systems
  • Printable access cards

5. Mobile devices: Mobile phone / tablet

with at least the following requirements:

  • Android operating system 4.2 or higher
  • NFC feature
  • Data volume of 500 MB / month

6. Recommendation - Crosscall smartphone

Most important basic functions:

  • GPS, NFC camera / 8 MP Water and dustproof according to IP68, IP69 standard
  • Impact-resistant and temperature-resistant according to MIL-STD 810G standard
  • Battery life of at least 40 hours




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