Guard book and dead man's alarm

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Security service Hartmann

  • Mainly active in the Ruhr area
  • responsible for the object protection of important clients


  • Guard book
  • Dead man's alarm

The initial situation

Sicherheitsservice Hartmann has been serving an important client in the Ruhr area for years. This client has recently opened a new plant and has entrusted Hartmann with its property protection. Not only because of the darkness, the late evening patrol always involves a certain risk. Since the construction work is not expected to be completed for several months, there is still some unused material lying around and the surroundings are uneven in many places.

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The fact that three of his people don't take their timesheets very seriously, even regularly submitting them too late, also frequently costs him time and nerves. But because the team is otherwise very motivated and does exemplary work, Mr. Franke doesn't want to impose stricter rules, but is instead looking for a solution that will allow him to transparently track which of his people has been at which job site since when.

Everyday work with COREDINATE

Two weeks later, Bernd Pauli is also impressed after the introduction of the new system: From now on, he can save himself the trouble of carrying numerous pieces of equipment. All he needs to use COREDINATE is a smartphone with NFC functionality. This he has in his hands in the form of a new and robust Crosscall Core X4 with flashlight function. Click here to check the download of the app.

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Digital watch book

Recorded events, tasks, working hours all this was previously documented manually in the guard book, which was often forgotten on the passenger seat of the service vehicle. Loose slips of paper, illegible writings and other annoyances are now a thing of the past with the introduction of COREDINATE. Security guard Bernd Pauli no longer has to actively focus on the documentation, because the COREDINATE app takes care of that for him, and managing director Jürgen Hartmann can follow the progress of his tour live from the COREDINATE portal.

Even after Bernd Pauli's shift is over, his workload is kept to a minimum. Only Jürgen Hartmann has to prepare the documentation for forwarding to the customers using the numerous filter options in the portal, if necessary.

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Lone worker protection

What is even more important to Jürgen Hartmann personally is the integrated dead man's alarm, which becomes active if an employee does not report to the control center within a specified period of time. After all, the possibility of stumbling over construction debris and having an accident exists on Bernd Pauli's tour. Should the case arise, Pauli knows that an alarm will be triggered, which is even displayed on the map in the COREDINATE portal.

The specifications for the automatic alarm were fixed as written work instructions: If Bernd Pauli is not logged into the COREDINATE app for more than ten minutes, it triggers a pre-alarm. Bernd Pauli must deactivate this manually, otherwise the emergency occurs after a further two minutes and the app establishes a voice connection to the receiving center in this case Jürgen Hartmann. In addition, Bernd Pauli's service cell phone then emits an audible alarm tone. If he should actually have had an accident, this alarm tone makes it easier to find him on the premises.

Jürgen Hartmann has also activated the function that, in the event of an alarm, he receives the last scanned checkpoint and the last known GPS location from Bernd Pauli by e-mail. This is useful information that he can share with the emergency services in order to resolve the situation quickly. In any case, both Mr. Pauli and Mr. Hartmann are much more reassured at work with COREDINATE's lone worker protection.


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