Fitness studio "The JO! effect

  • Owner Johann Böhme runs two fitness studios
  • 7 employees


  • Tasks
  • Documentation of equipment maintenance
  • Event logging
  • Lone worker protection 

The initial situation

Johann Böhme has been enthusiastically running two small fitness studios for about a year and a half. He takes a lot of time to advise his customers before and during training. After all, they come first.

In addition to individual care, the cleanliness of the gym and impeccably functioning equipment are a matter of course. There are quite a few tasks involved. Mr. Böhme is supported by his seven employees – and recently also by the digital assistance system COREDINATE.

Everyday work with COREDINATE

With a simple checkpoint scan, the app reminds you of regular tasks such as checking the ventilation, and logs everything that has been done in the form of checklists. Even the maintenance of the individual fitness equipment is documented. When checking the changing rooms, COREDINATE's event recording is extremely practical: Forgotten items from customers are documented with photo, time and found date for the other employees. This way, nothing gets lost.

Since the gym is open around the clock, Mr. Böhme is concerned about the safety of his employees. With COREDINATE's lone worker protection, even the night shift is now happily taken, because the app triggers an alarm in the event of prolonged inactivity and thus ensures that the employees always feel safe.

Optimally, Johann Böhme can view all data of both studios at any time via the COREDINATE portal. This way, he knows that everything is running smoothly without being present. With the smart assistant, work is much easier. Satisfied employees and well-serviced customers – the optimal prerequisites for a gym that is often recommended to others.

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Johann Böhme relies on COREDINATE as a reliable and modern partner for his two fitness studios. With the functions tasks, event recording, lone worker protection and the automated documentation of the system, he can fully concentrate on the care of his customers and employees.



COREDINATE allows easy creation and assignment of various tasks. This ensures that all activities of the daily routine in the gym are completed. The COREDINATE app reliably reminds of each task as soon as a responsible employee is in the corresponding checkpoint area.

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Digital guard book

Annoying checklists or long form sheets for incidents are history. COREDINATE offers a paperless documentation via the simple operation via smartphone, which runs in the background and completely automated. Completed tasks, recorded events, completed forms are immediately documented in real time and transferred to the portal. This means that employees can concentrate fully on their work and do not even have to correct errors or submit additional information afterwards.


Event logging

If a piece of fitness equipment turns out to be damaged or defective during the check, the flaw can be easily recorded with COREDINATE using the smartphone's photo function. The additional information can either be typed in or spoken using the dictation function. COREDINATE then takes over what has been said in writing. This ensures clean and complete documentation.

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Work safely even alone

During the night shift, unforeseen things can happen that don't pose much of a challenge during daytime operations for the reason that the workforce is full. However, if employees are on their own, even a fall down the stairs can become a life-threatening matter. With COREDINATE's lone worker protection, this risk can be taken out of focus.

If an employee has not actively logged into the app for a specified period of time, the app triggers an audible pre-alarm. If this is not deactivated, the emergency occurs: an alarm tone makes it easier to find the person who may have been injured, and a voice connection is also established to a predefined phone number. If desired, the last scanned checkpoint can be transmitted to your emergency center by e-mail, which makes it even easier to find your employee.


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