Use of GPS and time tracking

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Security service Franke

  • On the market for over 5 years
  • Owner Gerd Franke
  • 15 employees


  • Time recording
  • GPS tracking

The initial situation

Security service Franke consists of a 15-member team. Most of the colleagues have been working together for five years. They get along well, support each other and sometimes even swap shifts among themselves on their own responsibility. Gerd Franke appreciates the great working atmosphere in his company, but gets annoyed when he calls an employee he thinks is on duty and is then told, "Call Müller, he took over for me."

The fact that three of his people don't take time sheets very seriously, even regularly submitting them late, also frequently costs him time and nerves. But because the team is otherwise very motivated and does exemplary work, Mr. Franke doesn't want to impose stricter rules, but instead is looking for a solution that will allow him to transparently track which of his people has been at which job site since when.

Everyday work with COREDINATE

The COREDINATE assistance system has been in use at Sicherheitsdienst Franke for about three weeks. With it, Gerd Franke has a better overview of his employees without giving them the feeling that he wants to control them. The simple operation of the software additionally facilitates the daily work for him and his team, and has even led to a significant improvement in many respects.

Time tracking, time, clock, tracking, working time, attendance

Time recording

With the Time Recording function, the working time of team members is automatically recorded from the first scanning of a checkpoint on the tour or at the gate. This applies not only to the total working time, but also to the attendances in a specific area. These, too, can be automatically tracked via checkpoint scanning, allowing the duration of work assignments to be planned more sensibly. If required, employees can also clock in or out manually on the app. This can be easily customized via the COREDINATE portal and the rights system.

Time tracking, rights, GPS, roles, OWKS, Coredinate, time tracking

Thanks to COREDINATE, the exhausting timesheet management is a thing of the past. And Gerd Franke thereby reduces his own accumulated overtime, because the recorded times of his team can be exported as a CSV file and processed further later. With COREDINATE, every step works intuitively and is very easy to do.


GPS tracking

Gerd Franke finds the GPS positioning, which can be deactivated by default for legal reasons, extremely practical. In an emergency, however, this function allows him to see where a particular employee is located. This allows him to react quickly from the outside and actively intervene.

In consultation with his staff and confirmed by their written consent, Gerd Franke can also use GPS tracking during the working hours of his employees to intervene outside of an emergency, such as an accident at work. This enables him to spontaneously and quickly coordinate available employees and deploy them to the necessary locations. Especially when an employee needs assistance with, for example, enforcing access restrictions, Gerd Franke can quickly send colleagues.


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