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Maintenance company Gebrüder Köhne

  • Small maintenance company of the Köhne brothers
  • 35 employees
  • Testing of electrical installations, securants and individual attachment points


  • Tasks
  • Event logging
  • Flexible forms

The small maintenance company of Gebrüder Köhne with 35 employees specializes in the maintenance of electrical systems, securants and single attachment points. Due to the constantly growing number of employees and the constant success of the company, there are considerable challenges for the documentation of maintenance tasks. Gebrüder Köhne are looking for a solution that is easy to use for all employees and at the same time secures the valuable data of the customers in accordance with data protection regulations.

The initial situation

Until now, the company has used classic paper maintenance sheets to document maintenance tasks. A changeover always failed because digital solutions were too complex. The employees were simply always better able to deal with the classic maintenance documentation in their daily work than with the new systems.

Nevertheless, as the management would like to invest in the future and always tries to optimize the processes in the company, the management decided to give it one last try. The maintenance documentation of COREDINATE was chosen because the interface is kept quite simple and thus the learning curve is lower than with other solutions.

Everyday work with COREDINATE

The company plans to introduce the new COREDINATE solution with the existing Android devices. The advantage is obvious: Expensive acquisition costs are eliminated and so is the familiarization with new devices. Every employee can operate a smartphone or tablet. The management conscientiously plans the weekly deployment. With COREDINATE, this is easy to solve because everything can be managed centrally via the portal.


The customers and control rounds can be clearly structured. Important maintenance tasks and the prefabricated digital Flexible Forms are placed at all checkpoints. The employees can now easily and conveniently track the rounds, checkpoints and tasks. All it takes is a glance at the smartphone.



The tasks are linked to the individual control points by COREDINATE. Forgotten tasks are thus a thing of the past. When the respective checkpoint for the maintenance task is reached, the task appears on the screen and can be completed bindingly.


Another advantage: The completion of tasks can be tracked in real time in the portal. All real-time information is simultaneously backed up long-term on highly secure German servers.


Event logging

However, task planning does not only run in one direction with COREDINATE. Employees can immediately record new tasks that arise on site. With COREDINATE, this does not have to be entered manually in a cumbersome way, but a picture recording or a text dictation is sufficient. The smartphone writes down the important content for you.

Flexible forms, forms, management, maintenance, documentation, list

Flexible forms

A particularly important element in the changeover from paper to digital documentation is the use of standardized forms. With COREDINATE, you can replicate paper forms one-to-one. Simply upload your desired sheet in the system and define fillable fields. 

Flexible forms, forms, maintenance, documentation, tasks, COREDINATE portal

Flexible forms, forms, maintenance, documentation, tasks, COREDINATE portal

Flexible forms are also created as tasks. In this way, the scheduling department can be sure that the forms are filled out at the right time and in the right place. This makes it particularly easy for employees to use standardized terms. These appear as selection fields and save the individual employee a lot of time in everyday maintenance.

Flexible forms, forms, maintenance, documentation, tasks, COREDINATE portal

However, the standardized terms also help in the evaluation of the data. Forms that were filled out in the past often had different terminology. The standardization of form terms not only saves time, but also money. 



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