Data security and access rights

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Security company Wagner

  • Jens Wagner modernizes his father's company
  • Responsibility for 25 employees


  • Data security
  • Access rights

The initial situation

Jens Wagner recently took over his father's security company. Over the years, the latter has been able to acquire a solid number of existing customers for his 25 employees. Jens Wagner is proud of the company, but still wants to make some changes. His father, Horst Wagner, paid little attention to digitizing and optimizing existing but functioning company processes. That is to change.

Jens Wagner has set out to grow the security company, to present a more modern image, and to do this he would first like to do away with the outdated data collectors. He also doubts that the tattered folders, which are often left on the passenger seat of employees and are thus easily accessible to third parties, comply with current data protection regulations. With COREDINATE, a competent and modern partner is now to come on board.

Everyday work with COREDINATE

COREDINATE proudly bears the label "Made in Germany." Furthermore, COREDINATE exclusively accesses interconnected servers located in Germany, emphasizing the high importance of data protection. In connection with this, a minimal probability of failure can be guaranteed. Should one of the servers be affected, the computing load is redistributed to the others.

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To ensure that data security is also guaranteed internally, COREDINATE includes an extensive rights system. This allows Jens Wagner to clearly define which of his employees is allowed to view sensitive data or whether only information relevant to the assignment is visible.

Tim Schulz has been working at Wagner Sicherheit for 10 years and enjoys the trust of the management. After completing his tour, he logs into the COREDINATE portal to transmit the evaluation to the customer.

In contrast, Markus Koch joined the team only three weeks ago. Equipped with a smartphone, he completes his rounds. As he goes home from work, Jens Wagner is already sitting in front of his PC to inform the client that the inspection has been completed properly. Before Markus Koch can take on the task himself and gain access to the portal, some time will pass. He has to settle in first.

For Jens Wagner, the topics of data security and access rights are most important. Here, COREDINATE can ensure the compliant implementation of the DSGVO guidelines through its intuitive structure while offering absolute flexibility.

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The protection of data is written in capital letters at COREDINATE. The development of the system takes place exclusively in Germany and we also stay in our German home country when selecting servers. This means COREDINATE is subject to the strict data protection requirements of the DSGVO, which we even exceed in many respects.

The minimum failure safety is ensured by geo-redundant servers and the distribution of the computing load on several networked servers. By complying with these specifications, you are safe and able to act at all times.


Rights system

Due to the extensive rights system, the access rights of employees can be assigned and removed very easily. This applies not only to the internal assignment of rights within your team, but also to your customers' access to the COREDINATE portal. You determine which user can see which areas of the portal.

If necessary, you can even deny total access for users with just one click. This becomes useful if, for example, an employee has left the company. With little effort, it will no longer be possible to log in to the system in no time at all.



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