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Safety employee winner 2017

Sebastian Mücke, safety employee, award,

Sebastian Mücke (37 years old from Heiligenstedten) as an operations manager and personnel dispatcher with 14 years of professional experience, employed by Pro Security Itzehoe GmbH, became the security employee of the year 2017. He graduated as a specialist for protection and security and retail salesman. He first convinced the jury and later in the public voting 39.2 % of the voters (349 votes). Kevin Ostermaier came second with 210 votes (23.6 %) and Marko Voss third with 160 votes (18 %).


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About the person:

To be nominated by two colleagues independently of each other is an honor in itself - apparently Sebastian Mücke is doing everything right in his role as operations manager. He already has 14 years of professional experience and has not let an eye defect or raising his three children alone deter him from his path. As a specialist for protection and security, he is responsible for operations planning, sales and even security technology in the company he founded together with a friend. In order not to lose touch with the real world, he takes on shifts himself and also works as a department store detective. The fact that he is successful in this is proven by a case in which he was able to prove the theft of goods with a total value of several hundred thousand euros. It is also significant that he actively takes care of a good qualification of his team and also takes over the training himself.


Why we think a prize would be appropriate:

According to his employees, Sebastian Mücke enjoys the highest level of trust and is described as very competent and understanding. He also tries to pass this on to his entire team through internal training. Imparting pure knowledge to his team is one thing, but soft factors such as building trust and leadership are at least as important a component. Sebastian Mücke seems to take both to heart in his job.



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