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Axel Dulz und sein Umschüler-Team zur Fachkraft für Schutz und Sicherheit beim Kölner Bildungsträger Plan-B-Bildungs-GmbH

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Plan-B-Bildungs-GmbH educates with COREDINATE Guard Patrol System

Axel Dulz is a master craftsman for protection and security, specialist author and IHK examiner for from the industry. He works as a freelance...

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Smart young man in a relaxed pose and casual clothes, icons for different situations in leisure and on duty

My shifts always in view

Our roster can do more ...

COREDINATE's duty roster module allows users to keep track of their shifts at all times. The app can be used on both ...

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Frankfurt, OWKS, Skyline, Germany, security, city

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Object protection Frankfurt

Object protection Frankfurt for security in the Main metropolis

The Hessian city is one of the leading European business locations. In figures:...

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Berlin, Tower, OWKS, Germany, Security, city

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Security service Berlin uses COREDINATE

Support for the security service in Berlin

A security service has a lot to do in the Berlin metropolitan region. Logically, because there are more...

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Safety employee, COREDINATE, vote, prize, award, 2022

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Jury has made pre-selection for safety employee 2022

Security Employee of the Year 2022: Vote for your favorite!

Soon the final voting for the title Security Employee of the Year will start again this...

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Safety employee 2022, award, prize, honor

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Safety employee of the year 2022 will be chosen

The security employee of the year 2022 is elected.Appreciation for security employees is also indispensable in 2022

The Bundesverband...

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security guard, stairs, flashlight, object guarding, security

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The dead man's switch in the patrol system COREDINATE

Keeping your employees safe is your most important job as an employer. However, this can be a major challenge, especially in the security industry....

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Trade fair, security expo, 2021, Munich, OWKS, security, COREDINATE

The SecurityExpo in Munich 2021 was a success!

Under strict corona conditions, the Sicherheitsexpo 2021 took place in Munich. Despite the pandemic, we look back on exciting discussions with...

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Bavaria, landscape, OWKS, Germany, security, city

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COREDINATE for object protection Bavaria

Object protection Bavaria against robbery and vandalism

The object protection in Bavaria is responsible for securing the property of public...

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Hamburg, Hanseatic city, OWKS, Germany, security, city

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COREDINATE for security service Hamburg

Why a security service in Hamburg uses COREDINATE

Especially in big cities like Hamburg a security service has a lot to do. Understandable, because...

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