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Flexible roster – can be used for every patrol system

Shelf with several patrol systems and the COREDINATE roster roster module.

One system for all needs – In the dynamic everyday work of security service providers, efficient and clear duty scheduling plays a central role. In this respect, COREDINATE's duty roster represents an innovative solution that can be easily integrated into existing structures.

No matter whether you already use the COREDINATE patrol system or rely on an alternative system: The roster can be used universally. Thanks to its open interfaces, it can be easily combined with any online workforce management system. So, have you already invested in a high-quality online guard control system and don't want to change? This is not an obstacle. The COREDINATE roster adapts to your needs.

The graphical preparation of the roster enables fast and intuitive handling. This not only saves time, but also reduces the susceptibility to errors. Another advantage is the integrated job board, which allows guards to apply directly for any shift.


An additional highlight of the system is the COREDINATE Lite app. This free application can be installed on any private smartphone. This means that security guards always have access to important information such as vacation, days off or upcoming shifts, wherever they are. The result: no missed duty calls and smooth scheduling.

If you want to learn more about the COREDINATE Lite app, feel free to read more here.

For managers, shift supervisors, clients and security guards, the use of the COREDINATE roster means one thing above all: less time and effort for organization and thus more time for the essentials.




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