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The dead man's switch in the patrol system COREDINATE

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Keeping your employees safe is your most important job as an employer. However, this can be a major challenge, especially in the security industry. Your employees often work at night and alone in unclear terrain, e.g. on construction sites.

COREDINATE offers a reliable dead man's switch in the patrol system. For you as a security service, this means not only that you can protect your employees, but also that with COREDINATE you have a partner on hand who can simplify all aspects of your daily workload.


Dead man's switch in the patrol system: This is how COREDINATE works

COREDINATE workplace security protects your employees whenever they are on their own: In underground garages, on construction sites or generally during the night shift when fewer colleagues are on site. Whenever security employees work alone, they need special protection and COREDINATE, the dead man's switch in the guard control system, can provide it for them.

COREDINATE lone worker protection is a VDE-compliant personal emergency signal system according to VDE standard V 0825-11. The registered user (your security guard) is alerted by the COREDINATE app if he or she stops working actively in the app for a specified period of time. You define how long this period may last in the COREDINATE portal.

If the pre-alarm is not manually deactivated by your employee, your employee may be in an emergency situation. In this case, a volitional alarm is triggered, which enables your control center to act actively and quickly. The last known whereabouts can be transmitted via email if desired, and a voice connection between your employee and your control center allows for a more accurate assessment of the emergency.

An at-will alarm is also possible with our deadman switch in the patrol system. An appropriate duty cell phone should always be able to feature this switch. This way, your employee can actively request help himself in case of an emergency situation.


Dead man's switch in the sentinel patrol system: COREDINATE offers in addition

Our dead man's switch in the COREDINATE sentinel patrol system offers you numerous functions beyond lone worker protection that can greatly simplify your and your employees' everyday work. The following basic functions are included in COREDINATE:

  • Control point scans: The basis of COREDINATE technology. Store all important information and tasks for your employees digitally on the checkpoints.
    Tour function: A well-planned tour prevents tasks or information from being overlooked. You can also track the progress of your employees live at any time via the COREDINATE portal.
  • Event recording: Our dead man's switch in the patrol system helps you to visually and clearly record events.
    Task management: Important tasks during the tour can be stored at the corresponding checkpoints. The app then reliably reminds your employees of everything that needs to be done.
  • Time recording: With COREDINATE, you can document not only the total working time of your employees. The time spent in individual checkpoint areas can also be recorded if desired.
  • GPS tracking: In emergency situations, you know exactly where the casualty is. Our dead man's switch in the guard control system will transmit your employee's last known location via email if desired.
  • Reports: Whether for customers or your own documentation - COREDINATE creates reports according to your wishes. By the way, you can save the regular manual sending to your customers with our dead man's switch in the guard control system.
    Key log: Do you often have to deal with lost or unassignable keys? - With COREDINATE every key gets a history.
  • Guard book: Our dead man's switch in the patrol system becomes your personal secretary. All scans, events and other important information are automatically documented with the guard book feature.
    Communications: Secure communication is the essence of a professional security service. With COREDINATE's messaging function, you can safely and reliably communicate news, spontaneous changes and work instructions to your team.

In addition to this wide range of functions, our dead man's switch in the patrol system also offers you the bookable Flexible Forms function. This allows you to digitize any form that you or your employees previously had to fill out manually.


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