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COREDINATE for object protection Bavaria

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Object protection Bavaria against robbery and vandalism

The object protection in Bavaria is responsible for securing the property of public institutions as well as privately used buildings. The aim of the guarding is to prevent functional impairment, destruction or even seizure.

In Germany's largest state in terms of area, there are fewer large cities and more rural areas. Nevertheless, metropolitan areas such as the Nuremberg metropolitan region present security guards in property protection in Bavaria with a variety of tasks. Wherever companies are located and cities attract tourists with cultural facilities or events, security services are hired.

One item on the agenda for property protection in Bavaria is "combating vandalism". Corresponding operations take place in shopping centers, industrial parks or office complexes. Often, the mere presence of uniformed personnel and (in)regular patrols are enough to deter potential thieves or graffiti artists. And yet, a modern online guard control system like COREDINATE can help to work even more efficiently.


A digital assistant for property protection in Bavaria

You alone are responsible for the careful execution of your work and that of your team. Negligence is understandably unwanted by your clients. However, people make mistakes, forget or overlook things in the hectic rush. COREDINATE prevents you from this with its versatile functions. Equip the objects to be guarded with checkpoints. Create entire patrols and document the presence of your security guards. With the event recording function, you log the detection of vandalism.

When scanning the NFC points, due tasks show up. Convenient in the form of checklists for verifying the proper condition of facilities. Are gates and doors locked? Perimeter fences secured? Alarm systems intact? A glance at the display of the smartphone carried is all it takes and no task will be forgotten. Thanks to real-time transmission to the COREDINATE portal, you as the supervisor are always informed about the current status

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The team as such also benefits from essential features. Thanks to GPS positioning, messaging function or lone worker protection, communication and operations run much more safely for property protection in Bavaria.


Diverse functions structure the work

Extras such as time recording or key management open up further possibilities. After all, in addition to the usual checks on persons, the tasks can also include taking over reception services. Seamless documentation and evaluations with COREDINATE ensure transparency for the customer. Show that your company is the best choice for property protection in Bavaria.

No special knowledge is required to operate the software. The smart app runs on current devices (iOS and Android). This also eliminates the need to lug guard books and heavy folders in which property-specific documents were filed.



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