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2023 security employee of the year award winner – Sebastian Otten

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Sebastian Otten, security coordinator at OBJEKTCONTROL and specialist for protection and security, was named security employee of the year with an impressive 69.4 % of the votes. He received the award from the trade magazine GIT Sicherheit + Management, the president of the German Association of Medium-Sized Security Companies (BVMS) and COREDINATE, the provider of an innovative guard control system.

2023, Security, safety employee, winner, Otten Sebastian

Sebastian Otten is a man with a passion for protection and security. His career began in the German Armed Forces, where he served as a troop leader in a Panzergrenadier unit with a focus on reconnaissance. It was there that he learned the importance of quick and decisive action in dangerous situations.

After his time in the German Armed Forces, he trained as a specialist for protection and security and worked as a security guard for various companies before he was finally employed by OBJEKTCONTROL as a security coordinator.

Here, Sebastian Otten was able to contribute his knowledge and experience to ensure the safety of employees and customers. He is particularly proud of the establishment of his own specialist department within the company, focusing on occupational safety and fire protection. Through his internal and external support, he was able to help many people feel safer.

2023, Security, safety employee, winner, Otten Sebastian

But Sebastian Otten is also committed to the safety of others outside of his job. In February 2023, for example, he successfully completed the advanced training course to become a company paramedic and was able to put his newly acquired knowledge to use just one day later during a private excursion to a leisure pool: a four-year-old girl suffered a severe seizure and Otten provided first aid. Thanks to his quick response and medical knowledge, he was able to help get the girl to the hospital quickly and help her recover quickly. He also provided psychological support to the girl's father in this difficult situation.

Sebastian Otten is convinced that protection and safety is an important part of everyday life and that it affects everyone. As a trainer, he is happy to pass on his knowledge and experience to future generations to ensure a safer future. For him, the security employee of the year award is a confirmation of his passion and his work.

Mr. Otten will be present in person at the BVMS Annual General Meeting in Heidelberg, where he will receive his trophy personally from the CMO of COREDINATE, Daniela Gröbel-Becker.



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