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Winner of the election of the security employee of the year 2023

Grafik Gewinner-Übersicht Sicherheitsmitarbeiter:in des Jahres

As expected, this year's competition was full of excitement. The jury, consisting of Steffen Ebert, editor-in-chief of the specialized magazine GIT Sicherheit + Management, Lars Müller, president of the Federal Association of Small and Medium-sized Security Companies (BVMS), and Michael Kulig, managing director of COREDINATE GmbH, selected six candidates using a point system, who then faced the public in an online vote.

The purpose of this initiative is to highlight the appreciation for employees in the security industry, and it has now become a renowned award.

Jörg-Friedrich Srol came in 6th place with 0.5 %, while Malik Circi closely followed with 3.2 % in 5th place, and Dschamal Veliev with 3.4 % in 4th place.

The winners' podium was reached by Nicole Harrell in 3rd place with 6.6 %, followed by Bernd Kummerer in 2nd place with 16.9 %, and the winner, Sebastian Otten, with an impressive 69.4 %.

We congratulate all the winners and express our gratitude for the numerous participants in the vote.

The award ceremony will take place on April 28 at the BVMS Annual General Meeting in Heidelberg.



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