The Easter Bunny scans NFC tags on Easter eggs using a smartphone and the COREDINATE app.

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Easter campaign 2024

Easter is just around the corner, and COREDINATE, the intuitive workforce management system, is celebrating this time in a very special way. Immerse...

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Gala of the Rotary Club Uffenheim

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The brothers Michael and Sebastian Kulig, founders of COREDINATE GmbH, are both a strong team in business and exemplary in their social commitment.


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Business informatics students and Daniela Gröbel-Becker, CMO of COREDINATE, on the campus of Heilbronn University to discuss a project.

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Meeting with business informatics students from Heilbronn University

Last week, on Friday 19th January, I travelled to Heilbronn to meet with a group of talented students from the 7th semester of Business Informatics....

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New Year, Fireworks, sparkling wine, toast

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New Year's greetings from COREDINATE

We are at the beginning of a new year, a time full of hopes and new opportunities. On behalf of the entire COREDINATE team, your innovative workforce...

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Modern and spacious office with display boards documenting the annual review.

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Review of the year 2023

COREDINATE annual review 2023: A year full of growth and innovation

Welcome to our review of 2023! Last year at COREDINATE, the innovative workforce...

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Christmas Party Mulled Wine Weihnachtsfeier Weihnachten Gluehwein

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We wish you a happy and peaceful holiday season

The whole COREDINATE team wishes you a Merry Christmas. Enjoy relaxing moments with your loved ones and treat yourself to a well-deserved break....

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Logo for the election of the security worker of the year, man at the laptop

The election for security guard of the year is underway again

On Thursday, February 16, 2023, the voting phase for the security guard of the year 2023 (Sicherheitsmitrabeiter:in des Jahres) will officially...

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Schüler, angehende Sicherheitsmitarbeiter im Unterricht

Free guard tour system training kit for instructors

Sound training is the be-all and end-all. This was a fact even before the great shortage of skilled workers, but it is now more relevant than ever....

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2023, Happy New Year, New Year greetings

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New Year's greetings 2023

The year is coming to an end and it is time to review it: After Corona, we were overjoyed to have finally visited two successful exhibitions again...

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Christmas tree, Christmas

Happy and peaceful holidays

The entire COREDINATE team wishes you a Merry Christmas. Enjoy some free time with your loved ones and take it a little easier than usual. A lot has...

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Christmas, duty roster

Advent greetings

Christmas is just around the corner and we are very excited to announce that our roster is nearing completion. Read about it in the latest article...

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St. Nicholas, Advent,

Ho ho ho!

On St. Nicholas Day, we can learn that it is the little things in life that bring the greatest joy! And while we are on the subject of small things,...

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Advent season, Christmas, Cookies,

Delicious pastry from the colleague

Advent, advent, a little light is burning. Our lovely colleague Katrin Ellert from Sales has made it a tradition to have a cookie baking week every...

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Black Friday, discount,

Black Friday 2022

Today only!!! Black Friday Sale: 10 % Discount - Save 10 % now on your entire purchase at COREDINATE shop*.

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Thanksgiving, harvest,

Thanksgiving greetings

All peoples of the world celebrate their successful harvest in one way or another, because that used to mean life or much more survival.But...

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COREDINATE, Mc Donalds, Benefit Gala,

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COREDINATE donates at McDonald's Benefit Gala

This year's McDonald's charity gala took place in Munich on October 15, 2022. At such an event, celebrities such as Daniela Katzenberger and drag...

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Discount, Black Friday,

Reading time: 1 minute

Black Friday Discount 2022

Black Friday Sale: Save now 10% on your entire purchase in the COREDINATE shop*.What actually is the Black Friday Sale? Like many trends, it comes...

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Vikings, Bluetooth

What does Bluetooth has to do with the Vikings?

What does Bluetooth actually has to do with the Vikings? Quite a lot, actually. In the 10th century, the Viking king Harald I. Gormsson, called...

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Halloween, Spooky,

Halloween 2022

Who hasn't heard of trick-or-treating? Children travel from door to door in creepy costumes and are given sweets as presents. But it's not just the...

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LinkedIn, followers,

500 followers on LinkedIn

Great! We have reached more than 500 followers on LinkedIn and still counting! :) Thank you for allowing us to reach such a big milestone together...

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LinkedIn, Survey,

Survey on LinkedIn

We are currently running a survey on our LinkedIn channel to find out what content you find interesting. Your opinion counts. If your preferred topic...

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Youtube, COREDINATE, videos, video content


COREDINATE goes YouTube! From now on you can also visit our YouTube channel. We whish you most of fun with it. We try to provide you with interesting...

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Collective wage, security guard,

Current collective wages for security guards in the security industry

Current collective wages for security employees in the security industry in Germany! Our UX designer, Aleksej Debus, has calculated and updated the...

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New functions in COREDINATE

As of today, you have new features in COREDINATE, the online guardian control system: assign teams to groups and roles, send reports as CSV, Excel...

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Sit back, because the COREDINATE roster saves you time, stress and money.

The COREDINATE duty roster

Sit back comfortably, because the COREDINATE duty roster saves time, stress and money.Now it's easy - shift planning directly with COREDINATE. Coming...

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Arrival, Security Essen 2022, Businessman with suitcase

COREDINATE on the way to Security  Essen, Germany

Anticipation is the greatest joy! We are on our way to Essen for the Security exhibition. Who will we meet there? And who is our trade fair line-up...

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Security in Essen, Fair,

Meet us personally at the Security in Essen

Take the opportunity to meet us in person at Security in Essen and get rid of all your open questions and issues. You will find us from September...

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