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Gala of the Rotary Club Uffenheim

The brothers Michael and Sebastian Kulig, founders of COREDINATE GmbH, are both a strong team in business and exemplary in their social commitment.

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Michael Kulig, who served as Chairman of the Rotary Club Uffenheim in 2021/22, and Sebastian Kulig, who has held this honourable position since June 2023, are dedicated to serving the community. The Rotary Club Uffenheim celebrated the handover of office in glorious summer weather. The baton was passed from Gabriele Hartmann to Sebastian Kulig.

Handover of office Rotary Club Uffenheim

The Kulig brothers have a particularly big heart for children and young people. They also supported the Rotary Youth Exchange information evening in Bad Windsheim. Here, young people were given valuable insights into the programme and heard inspiring testimonials from former participants from countries such as India and Brazil. Organised by the dedicated Rotary Club Uffenheim, the event provided a platform for exchange and information about the opportunities for cultural exchange, forging international friendships and experiencing cultural diversity. The evening highlighted the importance of youth exchange in building connections between cultures and provided the first step towards an unforgettable exchange experience.

International friendships Rotary Club Uffenheim

The Rotary Club Uffenheim, under the leadership of the Kuligs, is also enriching the town with an artificial ice rink, which will once again provide great entertainment this winter. The 1st Uffenheim Eisstock-Gaudi, a major sporting event with 35 teams, took place on 6 January 2024 and was a complete success, generating considerable donations and strengthening the sense of community. The commitment of the participants and the support of the local community were overwhelming, exemplified by the spontaneous donation from Team Bierbären, whose mascot was auctioned off for a good cause.

Eisstock Gaudi Rotary Club Uffenheim

This was followed shortly afterwards by the Uffenheimer Schlossleuchten, an event that transformed the castle park into a spectacular sea of lights and celebrated the Rotarian spirit of togetherness. This event, supported by professional lighting and DJ LUK's background music, provided an opportunity for Rotarian networking. It was also a great platform for the pupils of the Christian-von-Bomhard School to boost their class funds.

Schlossleuchten Rotary Club Uffenheim

One of the most outstanding moments of Sebastian Kulig's time in office so far was the donation he recently made to the TraumRitter organisation as part of the President's Project, where he donated 5,000 euros. This organisation fulfils the last wishes of terminally ill children, a project that is particularly moving and valuable.

 TraumRitter Rotary Club Uffenheim presents donation

The diverse activities of the Rotary Club Uffenheim, from the ice rink to curling and social projects, symbolise the extraordinary commitment of the club members and the Kulig brothers in particular. Their work makes a significant contribution to the community and sets a strong example of social commitment and entrepreneurship.


At COREDINATE GmbH, the social commitment of Michael and Sebastian Kulig can be felt in our corporate culture – an approach that is reflected in our commitment to employees, whom we give a chance to prove themselves despite difficult personal circumstances. This ability of the Kuligs to recognise and nurture the potential in each individual is certainly a key component of the success of our Workforce Management System (OWKS®). It reflects our conviction that the true value of an organisation lies in the people who work there.


Rotary Club Uffenheim Logo


The Rotary Club Uffenheim is an active part of the global network of Rotary International, which is committed to community service, promoting education, improving health and protecting the environment. With members from various professions, the club is involved in local and international projects, such as the fight against polio. Through regular meetings and events, the club strengthens the community and promotes the exchange of ideas and resources to effect positive change both in the local community and around the world. The Rotary Club Uffenheim embodies the principles of service and friendship and contributes to a better, more peaceful world. For more information visit uffenheim.rotary.de




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