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Apply for visa for our Saudi Arabia trip

Apply for visa Frankfurt business trip business initiation trip

Obtaining a business visa for Saudi Arabia turned out to be a complex process, requiring both time and some costs. First, it was necessary to obtain a letter of recommendation from Royalty Consultants of Saudi Arabia. This step alone required several days. Then we submitted the application for our visa online. But that was only the beginning of the bureaucratic process.


In Frankfurt at the Visa Service Center for Saudi Arabia, additional documents were required from us. In particular, we had to present a letter from our company confirming that all costs incurred during our stay would be covered. However, before this letter could be accepted, our boss, Sebastian Kulig, had to travel to the IHK (Chamber of Industry and Commerce) in Nuremberg to have the letter officially certified there.




Of course, our passports were not to be missed. To make matters worse, the weather in Frankfurt that day was quite gloomy and uncomfortable. So we walked almost half an hour from the main station to Gartenstraße through the rain. When we finally arrived at the Visa Services Center for Saudi Arabia, we were photographed and fingerprinted. Our passports were forwarded to the consulate in Berlin for further processing. We expect them to be returned to us next week. At this point we would like to thank all of the COREDINATE team and our bosses who supported us so energetically. But please have a look at our small documentation of this day by yourself.



Alan Thornton, Sales Professional international, and Daniela Gröbel-Becker, Chief Marketing Officer, in rainy Frankfurt on their way to apply for the Saudi Arabia visa.

After so much preparation time and the hurdle with the visa, we are now even more pleased to present our workforce management system COREDINATE to the Arabian market and are extremely excited, also about new international business relations as well as about a country to which one does not travel every day. We were also particularly pleased to learn that our long-standing customer Secoserv GmbH – in the person of Managing Director Mr. Lange and Sylvia Auerbach – will be joining us on our business initiation trip.



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