Terms and conditions of participation



Please read the conditions of participation before you apply yourself or nominate a candidate.
  1. The responsible organizer is COREDINATE GmbH.

  2.  All employed and self-employed security employees who are at least 18 years old and resident in Germany, Austria or Switzerland are eligible to participate.

  3. COREDINATE reserves the right to exclude participants from the security guard of the Year election at its sole discretion without giving any reason.

  4.  This applies in particular if participants culpably violate the conditions of participation or participate with false information about their own person. There is no entitlement to participate in the election of the security guard of the year.

  5. COREDINATE is authorized to change the conditions of participation at any time without giving reasons. The changes will be announced on coredinate.de and will not be sent explicitly as an e-mail to the participants.

  6. If there are legal reasons against the security guard of the year election or its expiration, COREDINATE may terminate the election at any time and without giving reasons.

  7. The participant guarantees that no third party rights stand in the way of participation in the security guard of the year election and that the submitted photo is free of third party rights.

  8. The participant agrees that her/his submitted photo, her/his newly created photos (in the context of the security guard of the year election) and her/his name may be reproduced, exhibited and publicly reproduced free of charge by COREDINATE and its partners without any restriction of the spatial, temporal or content-related area of use and for all purposes of use that come into consideration and in all media. This also includes the use for commercial and advertising purposes. The participant:in grants COREDINATE and its partners the non-exclusive right of use of the submitted photo and the newly created photos in the context of the security guard of the year election. This also includes the editing, retouching and use of the images for montages, while respecting the personal rights. The participant confirms that with the acceptance of these conditions of participation all claims against COREDINATE and its partners due to the duplication, distribution, exhibition or public reproduction of the images are settled. This agreement and release declaration is exclusively subject to German law. It is irrevocable.

  9. The participant:in also agrees to be available free of charge for promotional purposes of COREDINATE (interview, photo session). The incumbent security guard of the year election agrees to be available for interviews, photo opportunities and a maximum of three selected official events of COREDINATE.

  10. The participant:in assures that all information provided is true and correct.

  11. The legal process is excluded.

  12. The application form must be filled out completely, otherwise the application cannot be considered.

  13. A participant who has taken 1st, 2nd or 3rd place may not stand again.