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Meeting with business informatics students from Heilbronn University

Business informatics students and Daniela Gröbel-Becker, CMO of COREDINATE, on the campus of Heilbronn University to discuss a project.

Last week, on Friday 19th January, I travelled to Heilbronn to meet with a group of talented students from the 7th semester of Business Informatics. This team of eight, supervised by lecturers Yasan Budak and Amélie Keller, had taken on the task of analysing the Arab and American markets for the distribution of our COREDINATE workforce management system – two regions in which we would like to gain a foothold with our company. The team, consisting of Maximilian Bauerle, Tony Deeb, Max Hoffacker, Denny Manta, Albin Dragaj, Judi Cheikh, Almina Music and Heba Al Mahameed, had spent the last few months gaining in-depth insights into the market structures, competitor relationships, pricing structures and demand offers, while also creating personas for a targeted approach.


The results of their work were presented in a professional presentation in the modern facilities of the university. The group not only presented a detailed analysis of the competitors and the price structure, but had also analysed the most important social media channels, worked out cultural differences in brand communication and developed a customised brand guide. Lecturer Budak praised the team for their excellent work, while Ms Keller emphasised how committed and deeply immersed the students were in the project.


Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences Presentation


The internationality of the group and its comprehensive understanding of the nuanced differences in the respective markets were impressive. This diversity of perspectives greatly enriched the analysis and the strategies developed. After the presentation, we had the opportunity to ask questions in an open discussion round and dive deeper into the details of the work presented. It was encouraging to see how well prepared the students were and how precisely they were able to respond to our questions. Now nothing stands in our way of conquering more exciting markets with our online workforce management system.


Heilbronn University Stairs Student Team


For us at COREDINATE GmbH, the support of young talent is a central concern. The combination of theory and practice plays a decisive role in academic training, and we endeavour to make a contribution through such collaborations. The professionalism and enthusiasm of the students have encouraged us to continue on our path of promoting young talent and to train dual students from October this year. This meeting in Heilbronn confirmed our belief that investing in education and providing hands-on experience are essential building blocks for developing the next generation of professionals. We look forward to working with more universities and sharing our knowledge and experience.



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