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Black Friday Discount 2022

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Black Friday Sale: Save now 10% on your entire purchase in the COREDINATE shop*.
What actually is the Black Friday Sale? Like many trends, it comes from the USA and is considered a retail sales event, although nowadays numerous online stores also participate. It always takes place the day after Thanksgiving, which is every 4th Friday in November. There are several versions of the origin of the name Black Friday Sales: The most popular one says that at that time, crowds of people who flocked to the streets and shopping malls to buy their Christmas gifts looked like a black mass from above. But it could also be an allusion to the chaos that followed the stock market crash of 1929, when many people tried to rescue their savings from the banks at the last minute.

* Please enter the CODE "BLACKFRIDAY" during the ordering process. It is only valid for COREDINATE customers with an order value of € 100 or more. The promotion ends on November 25, 23:59.


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Halloween – Trick or Treat with our COREDINATE workforce management system

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