Newly established – tour planning and communications

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Security service Becker

  • Freshly founded and with first customers acquired
  • 5 Employees
  • Management Margit Becker

Used COREDINATE features

  • Tour planning
  • Communications

The initial situation

Recently, managing director Margit Becker founded her company Sicherheitsdienst Becker. The first customers were acquired and the company with 5 employees is slowly but surely making a name for itself in the industry.

For the successful start of the company, Sicherheitsdienst Becker is looking for an effective solution for tour planning. In addition, Sicherheitsdienst Becker is looking for a secure solution to communicate with its own employees. Solutions such as WhatsApp or Slack are either mixed with private data or are questionable in terms of data protection in the worst case even both.

Tour planning should be simple and intuitive, and the respective tour should be traceable for the management, preferably via a central interface. It is also important that the company's own employees work with secure devices, for example a company cell phone such as the Sonim XP7. High endurance and stability are the main criteria here. In this way, messages can also contain sensitive customer data and Sicherheitsdienst Becker does not take any data protection risks.

Everyday work with COREDINATE

Security service Becker employs a total of 5 employees. Each of them looks after objects of the newly acquired customers. Especially in this phase, managing director Margit Becker knows, it is important to keep customers. So every morning she plans the assignments via the COREDINATE portal, checks the created tours and compares them with the wishes and reports of the customers.

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Tour monitoring

An inspection tour with three checkpoints was set up for employee Manfred Schütz at the customer Abisch GmbH. His tour begins at the gate, then continues to the accounting office and ends with the checkpoint at the spare parts warehouse, which Mr. Schütz is to inspect.

Margit Becker knows that the accounting department at the customer Abisch GmbH works longer hours now and then. This means that sometimes Mr. Schütz has to bring forward the spare parts warehouse of this station on his round trip. This can be easily solved with COREDINATE by selecting the order of the checkpoint checks as "flexible". In this way, Mr. Schütz can decide on site, depending on the situation, which checkpoint he will run through first.

It often happens that during the tour a certain area is not immediately accessible, e.g. the accounting office, because employees are still working there. So, unless there is a need for a predefined order in which the checkpoints have to be scanned, this can be changed with one click. The sequence can be set to "flexible". This leaves it up to the employee on site to decide when to scan which checkpoint.

A little more control can be called in if a certain period of time is specified for the individual checkpoints during which this must be scanned. In this way, the employee can still react to special features during the tour, but the operations management and customers retain the certainty that the individual stations of the tour are proceeding within a reasonable time frame.

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Manfred Schütz is a very reliable employee, but the day before he accidentally took the key for the company car home with him. This is also no problem with COREDINATE: Margit Becker writes a message to her employee via COREDINATE messages in the morning before the assignment at the customer to remind him of the key.

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Manfred Schütz reads this message before starting work. The key, which he had put ready at the end of work the night before, moves purposefully into his jacket pocket and at Sicherheitsdienst Becker, Mr. Schütz exchanges the private vehicle for the company car, as he does every morning. As planned, he starts his tour and flexibly scans the relevant checkpoints with his work cell phone. Margit Becker can track this in real time from the COREDINATE portal and thus ensure that everything goes as planned.

It can happen at any time that employees on site need new information about their assignment or that new information comes up after hours that needs to be passed on. However, the use of private messenger services such as WhatsApp for official use is controversial, if not questionable, in terms of data protection. Safe is who relies on COREDINATE messages.

With the COREDINATE messages function, messages can be easily and securely distributed within the team or the entire workforce. Since the COREDINATE app is installed on the work cell phone, this also means that if the employee puts the work cell phone aside after work, he will not be disturbed afterwards. Instead, they receive the message the next morning when they start work, so they are kept up to date if anything has changed in the meantime.

For Sicherheitsdienst Becker, the use of COREDINATE has brought enormous advantages, both internally and externally: Thanks to the central interface of the COREDINATE portal, Managing Director Margit Becker knows at all times what her employees are currently doing at the site. Through COREDINATE messages, short-term information or reminders can be easily and securely passed on to her employees. In this way, the path to the digital enterprise is guaranteed from the very beginning.


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