Ticket system and evaluations


Service and maintenance Werner

  • New customer Hartlieb Industrieanlagen requires regular and detailed reporting and gives precise specifications on the work flow
  • Managing Director Richard Werner

Used COREDINATE functions

  • Ticket system
  • Evaluations

The initial situation

Richard Werner has been running his successful company Wartung und Instandhaltung Werner GmbH for years. With his previous regular customers, there were no major incidents, but the new customer Hartlieb Industrieanlagen places special demands on Richard Werner and his team: regular and detailed reporting with all completed tasks, events and even more information.

Even though documentation has always been an important issue for Richard Werner and his employees, a new customer is a good opportunity to optimize it. Richard Werner becomes aware of the assistance system COREDINATE via an advertisement. The test phase begins.

Everyday work with COREDINATE

Richard Werner is particularly taken with the ticket system function and the easy-to-automate evaluations. These two functions are to be used particularly intensively at the customer Hartlieb Industrieanlagen.

Thanks to the support of the COREDINATE support team, the setup is child's play and so it is easy for Richard Werner to create the tour at Hartlieb Industrieanlagen and to store all the necessary information, documents and tasks for it.


Ticket system

Due to the detailed requirements of Hartlieb Industrieanlagen, Richard Werner can create the tasks to be completed by his employees in the form of operations in the COREDINATE portal. This enables him to store every task and activity, no matter how small, so that both he and his team as well as the customer can track that the process is being followed cleanly.

For example, Richard Werner creates the task "Maintenance Plant A" in preparation for the customer's deployment. Plant A is the first maintenance object on the tour of Hartlieb Industrieanlagen's plant. The customer has provided a list of activities and the sequence of maintenance activities, which Richard Werner can transfer to the operation as tasks.

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Richard Werner can assign these and other tasks to one or several employees. The tour at Hartlieb Industrieanlagen is shared by his employees Bernd Schweb and Henry Luck. Richard Werner can therefore determine exactly which of the two takes on which task by assigning them accordingly.

During the maintenance tour, the two employees only have to click on their respective task and then have the option of starting, pausing or marking individual tasks as completed. Completed tasks can also be restarted if necessary, as long as the entire process has not yet been completed. This is useful, for example, for tasks that have to be performed several times or if additional information spontaneously appears that requires the task to be restarted.

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Documenting all important information (e.g. tasks completed, events) during the tour is part of the daily work of all Werner Maintenance and Repair employees, Managing Director Richard Werner has made this clear to everyone from the very beginning. For this reason, this topic actually runs alongside without any major incidents. However, it does not necessarily make it easier to prepare evaluations and reports for the customer.

Especially for the new customer Hartlieb Industrieanlagen, which also demands at least as detailed reporting in addition to its detailed specifications, the numerous data from the tours would result in an immense amount of work every day. But not with COREDINATE.

Not only does COREDINATE's automated documentation enormously simplify the daily work for all employees and for Richard Werner. The possibility to have reports created and sent automatically also saves the managing director from having to repeatedly sit down and compile the important information for his customer.

Smaller evaluations that Hartlieb Industrieanlagen may request in the meantime can easily be created manually by Richard Werner using the work results and then sent as a PDF file by e-mail. This happens, for example, after an unforeseen incident during a tour.

For the general daily evaluations that Hartlieb Industrieanlagen requires, the report only had to be configured once. From the information in the report, the recording period, to the dispatch rhythm and the e-mail address of the recipient with associated message, everything can be precisely defined here.

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In this way, Richard Werner saves a considerable amount of working time and the customer is satisfied that every day at the same time the evaluation of the past day reliably lands in the e-mail inbox.

Based on this case study, you can already see that COREDINATE is an enormous support in maintenance and repair. The presented functions ticket system and evaluations can save you time and nerves, but beyond that, the innovative assistance system offers even more useful functions.


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