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2022 Safety Employee of the Year Award Ceremony: Denis Franke

Dresden, City, Annual General Meeting, BVMS

About a week ago, Denis Franke was honored as "Security Employee of the Year 2022" at the annual meeting of the Bundesverband für mittelständische Sicherheitsunternehmen e. V. (BVMS). The laudation was held by COREDINATE marketing manager Alexander Thiel.


Laudatio - Alexander Thiel, Head of Marketing, COREDINATE - A tradition of appreciation.

In his laudation Alexander Thiel (Head of Marketing COREDINATE GmbH) thanked the 1st mayor of Dresden, Mr. Detlef Sittel, the president of BVMS, Klaus Bouillon, who is leaving office due to health reasons, for the many years of good cooperation and Mr. Heimann for the professional support of the campaign (Head of PR BVMS).

He emphasized the social importance of security employees for our society and the commitment of COREDINATE for the appreciation and recognition of these often silent services.

Mr. Thiel noted the strong development of the Security Employee of the Year Award. Whereas years ago there were only a few hundred votes, today there are over 10,000 people voting for the candidates. This has been achieved through strategic partnerships with strong partners such as GIT Sicherheit and Publishing Director Steffen Ebert.

To present the award to the new Security Employee of the Year Denis Franke, he summarized his special achievements and experience. Mr. Franke works as a lecturer and trainer for security professions and is 45 years old.


The security employee of the year 2022: Denis Franke

Denis Franke personally attended the award ceremony in Dresden. His dedication and passion for the security industry not only convinced the qualified jury of "Security Employee of the Year", which selects the finalists, but also 90% of the voters this year.

Denis Franke has been working in the security industry for more than twenty years and manages and lectures at the Bildungsakademie Herrenhausen. Even his proposers praised Mr. Franke for his new teaching methods and his high practical relevance. His ability to pass on even complex issues to his students in a comprehensible way has won him a wide following, which remains deeply attached to him even after graduation and has therefore helped him to win this year's title of "Security Employee of the Year".

The other finalists of the "Security Employee of the Year" award also have impressive resumes that testify to their dedication and commitment to the security industry.

Dresden, Stadt, Hauptversammlung, BVMS

As every year, the "Security Employee of the Year" award is presented during the BVMS' Annual General Meeting. This year the general meeting took place in Dresden and Detlef Sittel, 1st mayor of Dresden, also attended the event and was thanked by Alexander Thiel in his laudation.

Once again, we would like to sincerely thank all participants in this year's election for the "Security Employee of the Year", all finalists and our partners from the Bundesverband für mittelständische Sicherheitsunternehmen e. V. and GIT SICHERHEIT and look forward to continuing this "tradition of appreciation" together.


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