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Safety employee of the year 2022 will be chosen

Safety employee 2022, award, prize, honor

The security employee of the year 2022 is elected.
Appreciation for security employees is also indispensable in 2022

The Bundesverband mittelständischer Sicherheitsunternehmen e. V. (BVMS) and COREDINATE will present the award, which has grown into a renowned distinction in recent years, during the BVMS Annual General Meeting on April 29 in Dresden. You can apply or nominate a colleague starting Monday, February 21, 2022. The award has become a tradition of appreciation.


The important role of security employees for our society

Security employees face important tasks every day. They are the ones who secure objects for companies and thus ensure that economic damage caused by theft or vandalism is kept to a minimum or, ideally, does not occur at all. However, security personnel are also indispensable in many other areas, such as major events.

In many cases, it is not possible for the police to keep an eye on potential trouble spots and ensure the necessary order due to capacity constraints. Dangerous free spaces are created that can be used by people with dishonest intentions.

Security employees therefore make an important contribution to a functioning security architecture in this country. Security Employees* of the Year are always an exemplary example of the necessary and positive commitment to the security of our country.


The important role of security employees for our society

Bülent Yilmaz always finds a solution and is always sincere and very helpful. He "loves and lives Pond Security" and is a great support for the team, his employees and colleagues.


The other award winners:
The 2019 Award Winner: Kim-Jacqueline Anhäuser

Kim-Jacqueline Anhäuser is an event security guard. She works as a bouncer as well as an escort, but also acts as an operations manager for major events. She is particularly convincing due to her social competence, which she demonstrates in every situation.


The award winner of the year 2018: Markus Bernat

As a security consultant, Markus Bernat looks after national and international artists on tours through Europe as well as other large and small events. In doing so, he coordinates, advises and helps local companies, authorities, the fire department and police. Mr. Bernat was a worthy recipient of the award and was elected with a strong result.


The award winner of the year 2017: Sebastian Mücke

Sebastian Mücke is an operations manager, already has more than 18 years of professional experience and has not let an eye defect or raising his three children alone deter him from his path. As a protection and security specialist, he is responsible for operations planning, sales and even security technology in the company he founded together with a friend.


Why the Security Employee of the Year award is so important. The lack of recognition in society.

While honors are the order of the day in other fields, for a long time this was not the case in the security field. The lack of recognition in society was a driving force for us. COREDINATE, together with its partners, has filled an important gap here, which puts the appreciation of security employees* in the spotlight.


How to apply or bring it to the attention of a colleague 

You can apply if you understand your business exceptionally well and have performed in a way that deserves to be recognized. Even if you don't actually like being in the spotlight, you should put aside your concerns for once at this moment and think of the signal effect your good deed will have on the industry.

You are also welcome to send the application opportunity to a valued colleague or use our recommendation form. However, for privacy reasons, please remember not to fill out the application for the colleague.


What you get out of it

In addition to recognition of your achievements, you will receive a bonus of up to 500 euros if you are successful.

  • a trophy documenting your success
  • 500 Euro voucher: BestChoice (over 200 suppliers)
  • trade fair tickets (free codes) for the SicherheitsExpo 2022 in Munich (if this trade fair can take place due to the current health situation)
  • License right for the publication of the logo Safety Employee of the Year 2022

Preselection with practical relevance - our jury

What would an award ceremony be without a competent jury. We have been able to win top experts for this award:

  • Klaus Bouillon, 1st Chairman, Bundesverband mittelständischer Sicherheitsunternehmen e. V. (Federal Association of Medium-Sized Security Companies).

  • Michael Kulig, Managing Director, COREDINATE GmbH

  • Steffen Ebert, Publishing Director at Wiley Verlag, Editor-in-Chief of the trade journal GIT SICHERHEIT

You can follow the entire process for the election of the security employee 2022 here again shortly and start the application / proposal.

We are looking forward to your participation! Please help and share this page so that we can find the suitable candidate.


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