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Optimize object protection - secure with COREDINATE

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When it comes to property protection, ensuring the safety of industrial facilities, commercial buildings, private homes, housing estates, etc. is a top priority. This means that you do not want to have to take care of other time-consuming activities on the side, such as searching for the right documents or bulky equipment. With COREDINATE you can make appropriate arrangements here, so that your employees and your customers are equally satisfied.

The tasks and problems in object protection

The tasks are manifold. From opening and closing services to access control, patrols, and theft or fire prevention to more unusual tasks such as telephone service or courier trips, property protection offers it all. This variety of responsibilities naturally brings with it its share of problems.


Among the most common problems in property protection are:


  • Lost data due to an interrupted data connection.
  • Extensive additional equipment
  • Missed objects or stations during tours
  • High rework due to handouts or forgotten forms
  • Lost keys
  • Lost employees

Basically, these problems come up wherever people are "on their own." It's a good thing that there are many vendors on the market today that offer solutions to these problems in the form of computer software. Of course, this does not always make it easier to choose the right system for a company.


COREDINATE in object protection

With an online workforce management system OWKS® like COREDINATE you can hope for the necessary support for every task in object protection. COREDINATE supports you in a wide range of activities and, thanks to its offline function, is your reliable partner even when there is no data connection.

The basic principle behind COREDINATE is checkpoint scanning. Using NFC technology ("Near Field Communication"), beacons or GPS, the necessary data is transferred to your employee's smartphone (Android or iOS) at each checkpoint. This saves you additional equipment, because your employees' cell phones usually have all the necessary requirements.

In property protection, checkpoints offer additional useful features that you can use. For example, you can plan tours precisely in advance and thus prevent important locations or objects from being overlooked. The progress of the patrol is documented accurately and in real time in the COREDINATE portal. In large areas, you can even additionally integrate GPS points or beacons. With GPS points, your employee can view the entire tour in the app and does not have to search long for the next checkpoint.

You can also store flexible forms and other data at the checkpoints, which your employees can fill out immediately after scanning. This means that you not only save yourself the post-processing work of digitizing handwritten forms, but you also automatically ensure that all important documents are always complete by reproducing them in the form of flexible forms and then storing them at the relevant checkpoints.

An important topic in the area of object protection is event recording. This is used, for example, to document defective fire alarms or windows left open. With COREDINATE, this is even possible visually: Your employees can simply use the cell phone camera during their tour to record various incidents. The dictation function even saves them additional time. You can definitely cross illegible handwriting off your to-do list.

It is not uncommon for keys to be lost during handover or shift changes. Take action against this by using the key management of COREDINATE. Each receipt and return of a key can be recorded with date, time and the executing employee. You are even more secure with COREDINATE's key seals, which can be identified by scanning and additionally secured.

In object protection, employees often work alone and under difficult conditions - on construction sites, in unclear terrain, in wind and weather, etc.. A so-called "lone worker alarm", which COREDINATE offers in the course of workplace protection, ensures the safety of your employees here. If no more work is done with the app for a set period of time, COREDINATE first triggers a pre-alarm and then the emergency. The app then establishes a voice connection to any number, and an additional audible alarm tone makes it easier to find the person who may have fallen victim. Additional functions, such as sending an e-mail with the last known location of the employee, facilitate reconnaissance in the event of an emergency.


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